Bath BA1 1EE

The Royal Crescent is one of the most famous buildings in Bath. The crescent is made up of 30 terraced houses and is in the heart of Bath.

The crescent was designed by John Wood the Younger and was built between 1767 and 1775. The crescent itself overlooks Royal Victoria Park, and therefore has lots of beautiful green space surrounding the grounds.

The Royal Crescent is made up of 30 terraced houses, all of which are Grade I listed and is five hundred feet long. In front of the building is a ha-ha wall, which is typical of the era, and was originally put in place to prevent grazing animals from entering into the more formal gardens immediately in front of the crescent.

Historically, there have been lots of events surrounding The Royal Crescent, however the most controversial incident involved a resident named Annabel Wellesley-Colley. She resided at The Royal Crescent during the 1970’s and painted her front door as was the fashion at the time.

This caused a lot of debate amongst locals and the resident was called to defend herself during public enquiry. Luckily for Annabel Wellesley-Colley, she won her case and was able to leave her door painted yellow. The door is still painted yellow to this day!

The crescent has been a very popular location for filming, particularly for period dramas, given its typical Georgian style and beautiful grounds.

As you would imagine, over history there have been many notable people living within the crescent, and many of these people have plaques commemorating their residence within the historical building.

Today, the crescent is still home to many residents, but is also homes a five-star hotel, The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa, along with a museum of Georgian Life and remains one of the biggest attractions for tourists in the City of Bath.