Sawclose, Bath BA1 1EY

The Theatre Royal is located in the heart of the City of Bath. The iconic building was built in 1805 and stands today as a Grade II listed building.

The building itself, along with the neighbouring public house, has been considered a ‘prime example of Georgian architecture’, and ‘one of the most important surviving examples of Georgian theatre architecture’.

The theatre opened on 12th October 1805 with a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III. Unfortunately, the opening night was not a huge success, however the popularity soon picked up and became well known, with a great reputation.

The theatre hosted a great number of productions, including many of Shakespeare’s plays along with various dramas, operas, comedy shows and pantomimes.

Sadly, there was a fire in 1862 which destroyed most of the interior of the theatre, along with the stage, and left only the exterior walls. After many designs and proposals for the re-build, it was renovated and re-built in 1863 with A Midsummer Night’s Dream as the opening show.

During 2010, there was the largest refurbishment to date carried out on the theatre, costing over £3,000,000 and improved the building itself along with technical improvements to sound, air conditioning, lighting and new alarm systems.

Over the years there have been many changes and the theatre has remained popular in Bath and the surrounding areas. There are bars, a café and a restaurant within the theatre, and regular performances throughout the year including theatre, dance, opera, ballet and pantomime.

The theatre now has the main house, which is the site of the original theatre, along with the Ustinov studio which hosts premiers, touring theatre companies, comedy, music and dance. There is also The Egg which opened in 2005 and provides a unique and exciting venue for young people, community groups, school and universities. Here you can participate in education, outreach and artist development, growing skills and talent.