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Bathroom shutters are the ideal window coverings for privacy

Bathrooms are a great place to unwind. There is nothing more relaxing than a nice soak in the bath, but if a road or other properties overlook your home, you’ll need to think about privacy.

Bathroom shutters are an ideal solution if you are thinking of transforming your bathroom windows.

One of the many benefits of bathroom window shutters is the ability to tilt the louvres to suit your needs.

When the louvres are open, you make the most of the light, and when they’re closed, they become your shield from the outside world with beautiful shutters for your bathroom.

Whether you enjoy a soak in the tub or a refreshing morning shower, plantation shutters make the light work in your bathroom window.

The tilting of louvres doesn’t just add privacy; it controls the light streaming in from outside.

A perfect choice of shutter style for bathroom shutters would be the addition of a mid-rail or split tilt which lets you set the light levels just right.

Waterproof shutters

For damp and humid climates found in bathrooms, our shutter experts’ recommendation would be to choose a shutter material that can withstand this type of environment. 

While high-quality hardwood shutters are usually a good choice, Shuttercraft recommends particularly for bathroom shutters to choose waterproof shutters. 

The Java range is an ideal material for rooms that have condensation issues or the chance of exposure to water. Java shutters made from a rugged high-grade ABS, lightweight plastic.

This window dressing is waterproof and well-matched for areas with high moisture levels or areas with humidity issues, including kitchens and bathrooms, which makes the Java range a perfect solution making it the best window covering for any bathroom.

The Java range gives you a high-quality finish shutter that makes it virtually impossible to tell them apart from wooden shutters.

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