Soho Avenue, Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 5LB

Located north west of Birmingham city centre, Soho House was the elegant home of the industrialist and entrepreneur Matthew Boulton from 1766 to 1809. Today, the restored house is open to the public and reflects the fashions and tastes of the late Georgian period.

Visiting Soho House is like travelling back in time. You will see some of the products of Boulton’s nearby factory to get a feel for what it was like to live in the late 18th century. You will also find out more about his famous partnership with James Watt and their development of the steam engine.

Soho House was also a favourite meeting place of the Lunar Society, a leading Enlightenment group. The Lunar Society would meet every month on the night of the full moon to dine, conduct experiments, and discuss philosophical matters of the day.

Visiting Soho House also gives you access to the beautiful 18th Century gardens. The garden at Soho House has been landscaped as a suburban garden with evidence for planting based on what was found in the Boulton archive. The Hermitage is a reconstruction of the place where Boulton would retreat for quiet contemplation.

Welcoming you on arrival is the Soho Coffee Shop. The Coffee Shop is a perfect space to relax and reflect on your visit to Matthew Boulton’s former home. It offers savoury snacks, cakes, chocolates and biscuits, along with hot and cold drinks.

If you are visiting Birmingham to get a better understanding of its industrial past, Soho House is a must. As well as the development of the steam engine, Boulton’s factory was a model of its time. You can find Soho House just off the A41, in Hockley, just outside Birmingham City Centre.