About Alex Peters

With a passion for individuality, Alex Peters is an expert in shutters that wants to help give new life to your home. He is a technical writer that enjoys putting together lifestyle articles for consumers, and has written a range of key shutter and window treatment articles.

As the Digital Content Executive at Shuttercraft Ltd for nearly 5 years, Alex Peters is uniquely experienced to help readers of this blog learn more about a variety of window coverings and their place in the home.

In his role, Alex handles both the visual and written content for the website, as well as helping develop the online training programme for our trade partners, providing him with both technical know-how and consumer insight.

Working closely with the in-house Training Manager at Shuttercraft Ltd, Alex has a number of years’ experience in the window coverings industry, making him an expert with the intricacies of both shutters and blinds. Alex is on a mission to help owners discover more about their windows, explore the possibilities of alternative interior design, and enjoy the home they’ve always wanted.

Whilst enjoying all styles of shutters and blinds, Alex really enjoys the challenge of shutters for bay windows, and likes the solutions such as bay frames that Shuttercraft Ltd has produced. He is fascinated with the intricacy and functionality of track mechanisms that provide a range of solutions for various home environments.

Shuttercraft is proud to provide some of the best window shutters and blinds currently on the market, and Alex has a real passion for showing them in their best light. He wants you to understand that they aren’t just an option for your windows, but add a real sense of style to your space.

A former creative head for a Hampshire-based marketing agency, he has also written content for travel companies, London hotels and private medical practices.

When not in the office, Alex enjoys photographing nature, playing guitar, volunteering at a local Baptist Church and looking after his family. He is keen that readers are provided with the tools to invest in their interiors and see their spaces in a different light.