Conveniently located just next to the seafront, Bournemouth Oceanarium is right near the pier in the centre of the town. Made up of 11 zones, each with a different natural theme, the Oceanarium lets you discover a range of fish, alongside more exotic creatures such as sharks, crocodile, clownfish, piranhas, turtles and even adorable otters and a colony of Humboldt penguins.

Focussing on all forms of sea life both above and below the waves, there are even some mesmerising stingrays and jellyfish. Providing plenty of exhibits to provide wonder and amazement, the Oceanarium is so much more than the old Aquarium-style attraction.

There are a variety of interactive displays, daily feeding presentations and talks, to help keep families of all ages fascinated throughout the day. Home to hundreds of awesome creatures, the attraction in the centre of the town is designed to also educate even the littlest visitors, providing a good deal of information about man’s continuing impact upon the natural world.

Home to over 150 different species of fish, as well as the larger exhibits such as the sharks, there are also some more interesting examples of sea life including moray eels, catfish, pacu and pufferfish.

Described as being the perfect all-weather attraction in the heart of Bournemouth, the mysterious beauty of our watery world is unlocked through a spectacular and hands-on underwater journey. Menacing piranhas, venomous lionfish and a weirdly wonderful octopus are all waiting to be discovered!

The world’s first virtual Interactive Dive Cage allows visitors to adventure far into the deep, without even getting wet. There is also a Global Meltdown exhibition designed to show the effects of climate change as they continue to mould our planet.

The Oriental small-clawed otters live in their exotic, naturally themed oasis, and are fed at certain times throughout the day, allowing visitors a peek at the cuteness.

From Morocco to Mozambique, as well as sea creatures, there are also freshwater species on display including Chinese water dragons and the upside-down catfish which is native to the River Ganges.

Crocodiles, water dragons, terrapins, iguana and turtles are amongst the reptiles at the Oceanarium.

The refurbished walk-through tunnel display at Shark Reef incorporates a shipwreck theme surrounded by stunning coral, and is filled with an impressive 350,000 litres of salt water! People can get close to a variety of shark species, southern stingrays, moray eels and a giant turtle, living in a close approximation of their natural habitat.

Bournemouth Oceanarium is one of over 200 attractions around the UK that Blue Peter badge holders can get into for free. Fantastic interactive displays, inspiring creatures, along with a café and gift shop make the Oceanarium a seaside attraction fit for the whole family.