Mortimer House Hadstock Road, Linton CB21 4NT, England

Started by the Simmons family in 1972 as a centre for breeding wildlife, Linton Zoo contains a large private collection of exotic species and continues to this day with the help of keeping certain animal populations in existence. It was therefore born out of a family’s love for and concern for wildlife in the world.

The zoo particularly aims to help animals facing extinction and threats in the wild, and so provides a space for them to live safely and peacefully, allowing them to enjoy life and procreate comfortably in spacious surroundings. Every year Linton takes in additional species, many of which are part of international captive breeding programmes, meaning that the collection is constantly increasing, which is good for both animals and visitors alike.

Some of the more interesting creatures at the zoo include white cheeked turaco, tigers, wallabies and binturongs, a heavily whiskered animal from South Asia that is also known as a bearcat (despite not being related to either).

The large collection housed at Linton Zoo also includes lions, tortoise, kangaroos, spiders, zebra, kookaburra, macaws, lemurs, vulture, owls, snakes and lizards! Keeper experiences are available to more intrepid visitors, although these have to be booked in advance.

The zoo is located among 18 acres of gorgeous gardens with a bunch of picnic areas scattered throughout the site for people to enjoy. Onsite parking is free parking and there are also several play areas for children of all ages. A coffee shop and gift shop also add to the visitor experience.

At Linton Zoo the emphasis is not just on creating a visitor experience, but on providing both conservation and education, while providing animals with privacy. Linton is a small zoo but offers unique experiences in the rare creatures that are part of the collection.