Essex Police Museum

The Essex Police Museum is a museum in the town of Chelmsford, Essex. It was opened in March 2013 and is located on the corner of Park Street and Somerdale Road. The museum offers a virtual tour of the police department’s headquarters, as well as exhibits about local history and information about local policing. The museum displays many artefacts from past police operations such as guns, badges, patrol vehicles and more.

Visitors can also learn about crimes that have been committed in Chelmsford over the years such as murder or child abuse. The museum was inspired by its neighbour to the south (named Rivercrest) where there is still an active police station that documents their activities year-round! It can be found at Essex Police Headquarters, Chelmsford CM2 6DN.

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The Essex Police Museum offers a permanent collection of exhibits dedicated to the history of the Chelmsford Police Department. The museum is housed in the former Chelmsford Police headquarters on Somerdale Road. The building was designed by the architectural firm of Mackay, Brown and Enyel, who were also responsible for Rivercrest in South Windsor. The Museum opened its doors on March 8, 2013, with a grand opening celebration attended by Police Commissioner Barbara McQuade and Essex County Sheriff Andy Luzon. The museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM, with extensive admission charges for certain parts of the building.

The Chelmsford Police Museum traces its roots to the former Chelmsford Police Station, located at the corner of Somerdale Road and Park Street. The former station building was once a station house for the Station Line of the Newbury and L IG-4 Line of the Great Eastern Railway. The station was located in what is today a housing development. In 1960, the Newbury and L IG-4 lines were jointly purchased by the Greater London Council (GLC) and the Essex County Council (ECC). The GLC then converted the former ECC lines stations into police stations, with the Chelmsford Police Station becoming the museum’s permanent home. More

Visitors start their tour at the entrance to the museum, where you can view a variety of exhibits. These include a guardhouse, uniform rooms, a supply room, a security room and a car garage. The uniform rooms display a variety of police uniforms, weapons and other equipment that were worn by Chelmsford Police Department personnel.

The guardhouse is the heart of the tour, where visitors can learn more about the officers of Chelmsford Police. This includes a look at the inside of the command centre, which has been retrofitted with modern technology, and a look at the Chelmsford Police dog, which is on display in the dog pound.

Chelmsford has seen a lot over the years, and it’s easy to see why it’s become a desirable place to live. The layout of the city makes it easy to walk around, and the many attractions make it a great place to visit during your visit to Essex. That said, there are a few things to watch out for when visiting Chelmsford.

Most of the staff at the museum come from the local area, and they seem to be incredibly friendly to visitors of all ages and backgrounds.