Barrowmore House offers multi-occupancy and group housing in a 24/7 environment for people from a variety of backgrounds that are considered to be vulnerable. It also provides accommodation to those who may require an element of general day to day housing related assistance.

The facility is run as a registered charity, and was set up in 1920 by a Joint Committee of the British Red Cross and the Order of St.John as a place of recuperation for returning soldiers from the trenches of the First World War who were suffering with Tuberculosis. The original Barrowmore Village Settlement was established in the grounds of what was then Barrowmore Hall, although was sadly bombed and destroyed just 20 years after it opened its doors in 1940.

Due to the definite need for such a facility in the area, Barrowmore was rebuilt as a hospital and was taken over by the NHS from 1948 until its closure in 1982. Following the closure of the site as an NHS hospital, the building was converted first into a Nursing Home, before becoming Barrowmore House, as it is today, offering supported accommodation for vulnerable people.

Being located on the site of an older country estate, Barrowmore is set within 85 acres of parklands and offers Parkland Walks for both residents and the local community to appreciate and enjoy. Amongst the various wildlife on offer, are stunning English Bluebells, which provide a beautiful purple carpet in the spring. There are numerous paths to explore and traverse the woodlands, either for a short brisk walk or alternatively for a much more intense alternative workout.

The charity Barrowmore’s commitment to sheltered accommodation is centred around Barrowmore House, which offers a home to a maximum of forty vulnerable people but with additional capacity for some short term welfare breaks. Respite care and other short term packages are provided through a separate self-contained unit within the home.

Supporting its main aim of getting people back on their feet and finding a new place in society, the Charity also provides interim “move-on” accommodation in the form of 20 bungalows and flats for residents who are able to manage a more independent lifestyle. This they are able to do while still taking advantage of the on-site information, advice and guidance of Barrowmore’s friendly team of staff if required.

The Bluebell Café at Barrowmore House (named after its beautiful spring array) is open to the general public and provides a range of light meals, drinks and snacks, all from fresh ingredients and cooked in a homemade setting, served among the beautiful grounds of the house. As it is only a small facility, people are advised to book a table in advance, and all proceeds from the café go straight back into the work of the charity.