If you’re planning a visit to the Chester region, you should try the Dewa Roman Experience.

Located in historic Chester, this museum showcases daily life during the Roman Empire. You’ll learn about the lifestyle of the Roman legions, who snoozed in their bath-houses after long days of battle. You can also see how common foods were sold in Roman markets, try on Roman armour, and even fire a catapult. You can visit this amazing attraction at 1-2, off Pierpoint Ln, Bridge St, Chester CH1 1NL.

Located in the heart of what was once the largest legionary fortress in Roman Britain, the Dewa Roman Experience offers an educational journey through the ages. The experience begins in the gatehouse of the Fortress of Deva, a Roman stronghold from around 70AD. There, you can see how life in the city was 2000 years ago through atmospheric reconstructions. You’ll see archaeological remains, including Roman coins, in the onsite museum. You’ll also learn about other Roman sites throughout Chester.

You can reach the Dewa Roman Experience via public transport from nearby attractions. The city’s rail network links Chester with neighbouring Liverpool. The railway station is within walking distance of the city centre.

There are also hotels of various budgets and upmarket ranges within walking distance of the Dewa Roman Experience. If you’re on a tight budget, the Holiday Inn Chester South and Crowne Plaza Chester offer affordable options.

In addition to the Dewa Roman Experience, Chester is also home to two universities: the University of Chester and the University of Law. In fact, Chester’s higher education offering was founded as a teacher training college before gaining full university status. The University of Law has a campus in nearby Christleton. The University of Chester also offers a vocational college, Cheshire College South & West. So, if you’re visiting Chester, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the history of the area.

Out and about around the city of Chester.

The Roman Galley Exhibition is located in the Dewa Roman Experience, and visitors can view an actual galley, which was sailed by rowing. Rowers worked their oars in unison to propel the ship, and visitors can listen to the loud voice of the Oars Master. If you’re traveling with kids, you can enjoy a free audio guide, featuring actors playing different Roman roles.

The City of Chester is a walled city in England and is relatively close to the border with Wales. After installing the fortress of Deva, the Romans established the city and then garrisoned it until the 4th century. The city was then settled by the Anglo-Saxons and briefly invaded by the Danes. At present, the historic walls remain intact and offer a great insight into the city’s past.