The Crocky Trail near Waverton, to the west of Chester, is a mile long adventure trail for kids of all ages. There is an abundance of physical challenges to keep visitors entertained, including rope swings, slides, climbs and a chain bridge.

The trail is known for its really big slides which cater for the more daring child. With names such as the Spinning Disk, Titanic and Flusher, there are options for all, and are conveniently close to the start of the trail by the cafe.

Winding through fields, past trees and over the Crocky stream which gives the Crocky Trail its name, there are many ways to traverse the waterway including wobbly bridges, swinging chain bridge and even a fallen log. The Crocky also runs past the Eaton Golf Club to join up with the Shropshire Union Main Line canal.

There is a treehouse along the trail where people can stop for a picnic. Kids can expect to come away a lot dirtier than when they arrived so it is probably advisable for parents to take along a change of clothes. Other fun things at the site include sandpit diggers, a giant hamster wheel, spinning disks, stepping stones and a big chair that is perfect for creating a picture perfect moment.

The fun starts at the point of arrival, with the rides, the trail and the challenges, the Crocky Trail is the perfect way to spend quality family time and get exercise at different levels, all set in the wonderful Cheshire countryside.

The whole family can enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the mile long route, designed to get the adrenaline pumping, either when scrambling through trees, climbing over crooked bridges or swinging over the fast flowing stream below.

Opening on weekends and school holidays between February and November, the Crocky Trail is definitely designed with younger people in mind, although they are able to cater for team building exercises and larger groups too.

A small café onsite known as ‘Crocky Bites’ provides a range of both hot and cold food, as well as a range of drinks. As well as the treehouse, there are many other places around the route and near the entrance where people can enjoy a picnic if they have one, providing a great day out to all who venture there!