174 Turner Rd, Mile End, Colchester CO4 5JR

Highwoods Country park is located towards north of the town centre and Colchester Castle. It is located between Colchester Golf Club and Highwoods, and is one of Colchester’s famous parks due to its mix of lake, open spaces and meadows.

Often on sunny days you can find many visitors out enjoying the park and often enjoying a picnic. The prestigious Green Flag was awarded to the park because of its well-maintained surroundings.

The park is situated towards the north side of Colchester, Essex. As the park is such a short distance from central Colchester, it is easily accessible by car, bus, train or, if you are feeling healthy, even by bike or on foot.

The park has many activities and events that people participate in all year around. One of the more popular one is Lear Fishing event. Many people visit the park for this event and it’s very popular among families. The Bat Walk activity is also very popular and gets the community together in the evenings, spotting the rare airborne mammals out for their evening feeding session.

Much of the woodland was converted to plantations of sweet chestnut within the last 200 years. The wood originates from a mixture of woods and arable / pastoral farmland. It was once within the medieval Royal Forest of Kingswood and was valued for its timber.

In 1987, the park was changed to the status and use of a Country Park. This helped to protect and exclude the park from the large housing development that was built within the High Woods area. Over the years, the park has gained many accolades, including the prestigious Green flag Award in 2004 and in 2008 the Big Garden project was awarded the Special Innovation Award for Conservation and Heritage. Britain’s Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme awarded accreditation as a Quality Attraction.