Museum & Art Gallery The Strand, Derby DE1 1BS

Located in the heart of Derby, in a quiet square off The Strand, the Derby Museum and Art Gallery is the city’s cultural centre. With exhibits and events happening all year round, the museum and art gallery is an ideal place for a family visit. It is open Tuesday to Sunday.

The museum can trace its start to the formation of the Derby Town and County Museum and Natural History Society on 10 February 1836. The society’s collections were created by donations initially from Dr Forrester who had been a President of Derby Philosophical Society.

The patron of the Museum Society was William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire, and the President was Sir George Crewe who was a keen naturalist. Col. George Gawler contributed a collection of minerals and exotic stuffed birds, including an albatross from his time as governor in South Australia.

The Museum and Art Gallery boasts paintings and artefacts of both local and international significance. The Gallery boasts a collection of Joseph Wright paintings and a soldiers in history exhibition of weaponry and objects.

The Archaeology contains historic artefacts from thousands of years ago. A fragment of a cross shaft from Repton includes a carved image of a mounted man, thought to be Æthelbald of Mercia. If so, it is the earliest image of an English monarch ever discovered!

The collections are regularly updated, so there will always be something new when you visit. Once you’ve explored all the exhibits, you can relax and unwind in the café.

The Coffee House serves locally sourced cake and coffee in a room full of historical porcelain. There is also a newly refurbished shop of unique souvenirs and art materials to browse at your own leisure.