Churcham, Gloucester GL19 3EH

Bulley Lane Fishing Pools are located in Churcham, roughly 20 minutes from the centre of Gloucester.  Bulley Lane is a Stillwater fishery, which is mostly used for coarse fishing, eal, roach and mirror carp. There is also common bream, common carp at Bulley Lane too!

Coarse fishing refers to angling for freshwater fish which are considered ‘game fish’, rather than typically desirable fish caught for food. Course fish are also known in the fishing world as ‘rough fish’, and are freshwater fish that don’t fall into the salmonid category.

The division of these fish into categories stems from the early 19th century, where fishing for salmon and trout was more desirable, with the common opinion that other fish weren’t good enough for eating.

When you visit coarse fishing pools, you will notice that the course fish have larger scales, and they tend to live in slightly different conditions, where the water is warmer and stiller.

Typically, rod and reel fishing are the most common when visiting fishing ponds, so if you are looking for somewhere to relax and participate, Bulley Lane Fishing Pools are worth visiting.

The fishing pools are clean, tidy and peaceful, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere. They are run by friendly staff and are really well looked after.

There are lots of facilities here, including parking, and sanitary precautions such as net dips and bins. There are a number of lakes to fish from, giving you choice and diversity so you can return and try something new.

If you are local to the area, or you are visiting Gloucester for a trip away, Bulley Lane Fishing Pools is highly recommended by all and is close to other historical and interesting landmarks such as Gloucester Cathedral and Gloucester Quays.