Hastings Country Park Visitor Centre is a facility that can educate visitors about this unique part of the Sussex coastline, including its geology, flora, fauna and local history. The building is designed to blend into the beautiful natural surroundings, as well as being as sustainable as possible; using locally sourced materials and being built by the local community. The centre represents the community’s spirit of appreciation and respect for the local environment.

The park is a stunning nature reserve with coastal scenery as well as ancient woodland glens. Conservation grazing and sustainable management contribute to the park to help make it one of the most important nature reserves in the country. The visitor centre allows people to find out more about the natural surroundings they are experiencing, and really appreciate each and every element of the reserve. With the miles of trails that are there to enjoy, it is really worth taking advantage of the visitors centre and finding out as much as you can to make the most of your day out.

There is a Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve Conservation Group that takes pride in looking after the reserve and volunteering to keep an eye on the park, ensuring the grounds and wildlife are being looked after. The Conservation Group post news regularly on their website, featuring seasonal events and updates on the local wildlife. It is a great place to keep updated on the reserve.

The Visitor Centre is staffed by a small, dedicated team of volunteers who take pride in helping people who visit the park. The team is there to offer advice and answer any questions about the park and the stunning wildlife on the reserve. You are able to access park maps, event booklets and various leaflets with guides to the local area.