Within the heart of Hastings’ West Hill, Smugglers Adventure is located. It includes acres of caverns that conceal the thrilling history of smuggling. It is a local attraction that allows people to soak up the local heritage and experience the exploits of the smugglers who once operated on the Sussex coasts. More than 70 life-size characters, interactive displays, eerie lighting, sound effects and dramatic recreations bring this mysterious and often bloody world vividly to life.

Smugglers Adventure is a great interactive attraction that presents historic stories from the days of the smuggling trade, back when it was at its height. You can learn about when swashbuckling gangs transported contraband goods into Britain through the isolated bays of the Sussex coast. The underground caves are here today for you to explore and discover the inner happenings that took place in the 17th and 18th centuries.

St Clements Caves are where the adventure takes place, where you can explore the series of caverns and tunnels that were formed around 14,000 B.C. These caves have a fascinating history that you can learn all about, including the fact that in the past they were utilised as functioning homes, hospitals, air-raid shelters and even a ballroom. Visiting them today you are able to experience the atmospheric underground space and visualise how all these historic tales took place.

Located on the West Hill, Smugglers Adventure is a fantastic day out for all the family. The adventure experience includes interactive displays, hands on games and activities, as well as of course exploring the caves. You can take the West Hill Cliff Railway up from George Street, or if you fancy a walk, the route is also accessible by foot. On site there is limited parking available, but there is a lot of parking on the seafront – also giving you access to a few more local attractions such as the museum.