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Dinton Pastures is a 450 hectare country park in the borough of Wokingham, in Berkshire. It features a wide variety of habitats and facilities, including seven lakes used for birdwatching, water sports and fishing, has an extensive playpark, a lovely café, and it’s the site of the Dinton Pastures Parkrun.

Activities include boat hire and adventure golf- wildlife themed, with obstacles, water and much more, Dinton Adventure Golf provides a challenging yet exciting experience that guarantees a fun-filled activity for all the family! There are facilities for Disc Golf which is more like classic golf, but involves throwing Frisbees into metal baskets!

Dinton’s seven lakes are a result of historic gravel extraction from the Lodden floodplain. Around them there are several public wildlife watching hides, and there’s an abundance of wildlife to see including among mammals: Soprano pipistrelle, Common pipistrelle, Daubenton’s bat, Brown long-eared bat, European rabbit,Red fox, Roe deer, Muntjac deer, Stoat, Weasel, Wood mouse, Eastern grey squirrel, Field vole and Mink. The birdlife is extraordinarily diverse, including rare treats such as the Golden Plover, Ruff, Lesser redpoll, Marsh harrier and even peregrine falcon. The green ringed parakeets flock together and make for an extraordinarily tropical site this close to Reading. You might even catch sight of a red eared slider, an invasive species of terrapin.

With six car parks and toilet facilities, Dinton is accessible and fun for all visitors, there’s certainly plenty for the kids to do in the award winning play park, and quiet enjoyment of the wildlife is fun and soothing for visitors of all ages and mobility’s.

Dinton Pastures Parkrun is a weekly free five kilometre timed run. Set up in 2018, it attracts large numbers of participants of all abilities, with a record turnout of 656. Run by volunteers, it is a great way to exercise and measure your progress in a stress free environment, or you can help the community by volunteering to keep it running smoothly!