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The feathers and fur falconry centre is a fantastic conservation-focussed falconry centre based in Hare Hatch, near Twyford in Berkshire.

The centre is free to visit, but charges for a variety of up close and personal experiences, which aren’t to be missed. Learn how a kestrel’s vison is almost ultra violet, allowing them to detect rodent urine – this is what they’re doing when they hover! How owls in fact have very small brains, and the correct things to do to help sustain wild populations – e.g. don’t put out meat to feed wild red kites.

Feathers and fur is an educational facility for schools and various youth groups, as well as care therapy but is also used for corporate days and special events. Their blogs are deeply informative and the staff display an incredible enthusiasm and depth of knowledge of their subject, and the range of eagles, and the range of hawks, falcons and owls is truly outstanding. With a trip advisor rating of 5/5, it’s the top “Classes and Workshops” attraction in the Reading area. They are currently building an indoor classroom to make some experiences all-weather, though current visitors report that even rain doesn’t make the experience any less magical.

It’s a great opportunity to see such wondrous sights as the peregrine falcon – the fastest animal on earth, to make your child’s birthday extra special by having them hold a barn owl, or to give a corporate away day something truly memorable. Whether you like the cute Little Owls, the majestic eagle owls or the acrobatic sparrow hawk, it’s a great day out. Whet your appetite with a visit to see the birds for free, and you’ll be hooked!

The centre is FREE to visit so please do go and say hi! They are open Tuesday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Saturday 10am – 5.30pm and Sunday 10am – 4pm.