Greenhead Park Lodge Trinity Street, Huddersfield HD1 4DN

Greenhead Park is located in the centre of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. The park has been restored back to its original beauty, and offers a central location to get away from the city streets and enjoy more natural green surroundings.

It is the largest park in Huddersfield and originally opened in 1884, after 15 years of efforts to have it opened to the public.

There are play areas for children, including an under 5’s play area with age appropriate toys. There is even a paddling pool which has been in the park since the 1930’s. This is a great place to visit on summer days when the weather is hot and you want to cool down in the park.

The park also offers lots of attractions for all the family, including bouncy castles, playgrounds, horse and carriage rides and even a miniature railway, which runs along a 3rd of a mile track through the park.

There is an ornamental lake, which is one of the original lakes in Greenhead Park, which was filled in the 1950’s but has since been reinstated and restored in recent years. The lake attracts lots of local wildlife and is thriving with life.

Another part of the park to undergo restoration is the bandstand. This has become a venue for bands and jazz artists, along with local choirs.

There is a conservatory located in the park which was built in 1930, which is being repaired and restored as with the other elements of the park.

Greenhead Park has a café with two eateries and lots of facilities along with disabled access. There are lots of outdoor activities such as the skatepark, trim trails, running routes, orienteering routes, croquet club, bowling greens, tennis courts, and more!