Ravensknowle Park Wakefield Road | Ravensknowle Park, Huddersfield HD5 8DJ

The Tolson Museum is located within Ravensknowle Hall, which is a sought-after Victorian mansion in the town of Huddersfield. The mansion itself is situated in the stunning grounds of Ravensknowle Park in the heart of the area.

The museum was built to commemorate Tolson’s nephews, two brothers who sadly died during World War I. Tolson Museum officially opened in 1922.

The museum was previously a natural history museum, showcasing collections of rocks and fossils. Now, Tolson Museum dedicates its collections to local history and the local area.

Tolson Museum currently houses exhibits from pre-history right up to current events. There are collections including textiles, transport, birds, Romans and more!

The galleries within the museum represent the local area, and the local people. There are exhibits from history which focus on the Luddite rebellion and Huddersfield’s historical story.

The transport gallery is one of the most interesting parts of the museum, with information on roadbuilding techniques, horse drawn transportation and the evolution of motor vehicles. The Tolson Museum even holds the rarest car in Britain, the three wheeled LSD.

The three wheeled LSD vehicle was manufactured in Huddersfield, so it is fitting that it is displayed in the Tolson Museum, celebrating Huddersfield and its history.

There are special exhibitions on display throughout the year, along with reserve collections for visitors. You can also participate yourself, with regular workshops, educational areas and events. There is also an annual gala with entertainment, music, rides and various stalls in Ravensknowle Park.

The museum is free to enter and has wheelchair access for the ground floor, but unfortunately cannot accommodate for the upper floor, however there is also access to the park.

Outside the museum, you will find Ravensknowle Park, which has a playground, bowling green, and picnicking areas.