Animal Care Lancaster is a local charity providing animal rescue services since 1978. They take in unwanted and abandoned animals from all over the North West and take good care of them until they can find new homes. Dealing predominantly with smaller animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and rodents, Animal Care Lancaster currently rehomes about 800 animals every year.

Blea Tarn Kennels were kindly donated to the charity in 1987 and since then many volunteers and staff have helped the charity improve and update the site so it is able to provide fantastic accommodation for animals until they can successfully be rehomed.

Open every day between 10am – 3pm, Animal Care Lancaster welcomes interested people to come and meet the animals once the primary questionnaire has been completed. These questionnaires are designed to help people think about the right sort of animal for their family, and will help the charity to understand the home circumstances and personality type to suggest the perfect pet.

As well as more domesticated animals, the charity also rescues and helps farmyard residents such as battery hens, goats and a turkey which has been lovingly named Terry. There is also a resident cat called Charlie who is friendly with visitors to the centre.

The charity was set up with the vision to promote kindness and suppress cruelty to animals, through means of adoption services, welfare education, and a safe space where animals can be shown loved and be cared for until they find a new home. Being based in Lancaster, Animal Care also has a local focus, holding events and education courses to improve the lives of animals in the area.

The centre has a tea room onsite which raises additional funds which go towards the animals in care. The wide range of food on offer covers cooked breakfasts, lunch and snacks. The afternoon tea package aims to be both good value and excellent quality, including fabulous homemade cakes and fresh sandwiches. While still being a charitable organization staffed by friendly volunteers, the afternoon tea package at the Animal Care café is said to rival many other local catering outlets in the area. Plus, as their focus is on animal wellbeing, dogs are allowed inside too.

Alongside its centre and tearooms, Animal Care Lancaster provides an education service to schools and local community groups such as Brownies. There is a special education room onsite to allow for this service, and students are also regularly taken on for work experience, particularly for young people considering veterinary careers of any variety.

As a charitable organization, Animal Care is entirely self-funded, with no aid from government grants. The team of dedicated volunteers do their own fundraising, having a charity shop, running events as well as the tearooms at the sanctuary.

Helping the RSPCA, dog pounds across the North West, Romanian Street Dog Rescue, Animal Care Lancaster has 37 kennel spaces, 20 cat pens, 30 rabbit and small animal spaces. Even with so many spaces for rescued animals, the charity is sadly full to capacity every day of the year.