Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1RQ

Newcastle Castle and The Black Gate Castle Garth, dates all the way back to around 1265. The castle itself is part of the medieval fortification of Newcastle upon Tyne, which was built to guard the bridge of the River Tyne by The Normans.

When the Normans built the castle, it was a timber fort, which was replaced a century later with stone to form better protection and last longer.

The Black Gate are now managed by the Old Newcastle Project, which was designed to ensure the buildings under this project remain looked after and available to the public. This was secured with Lottery funding, which meant that the sites could be renovated and renewed.

In October 2011 the funding linked The Black Gate and Castle Keep making them one site for management and tourism. The Black Gate is the original 13th century gatehouse, is now available as a venue to hire for corporate events and weddings because of this.

This is the perfect venue for your event as it carries so much history and traditional décor, along with great acoustics and original features. Not only can you use The Gatehouse for events, there are also a range of smaller rooms available too if needed for your party or event size. These are rooms such as the jail and chapel.

There are continued improvements to The Black Gate, and other areas of Newcastle Castle, to help increase accessibility and bringing the historical buildings into modern day life. This includes installing cameras so that you can take a virtual tour of the castle rooftop.

There will also be an education centre within The Black Gate, keeping the incredible history of this location alive and very much a part of Newcastle’s modern-day surroundings.