23 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

The Literary & Philosophical Society, based in Newcastle is an independent library housing a huge collection of books. The library opened in 1825 and holds a collection of unique titles, making it the largest independent library outside of London.

The library itself is housed within a historical building which has evolved over the years to become much more than just a library. The building is used for offices, a theatre, jazz venue and performance space.

Because the library is not council owned, there is no regular funding available so the library runs because of the people using the services. There are annual subscription services to help secure the income of the building and help support its future as an independent library.

The library has over 200o members which is the highest subscribed figure The Literary & Philosophical Society has seen for many years. Along with the subscribed users of the library, there are 170,000 volumes to borrow, and of course a full programme of music and cultural events.

With a comprehensive schedule of talks from authors, historical teaching, creative writing, jazz music, photography courses, lunchtime concerts and lectures, there is always something to do at The Literary & Philosophical Society, and many of these events are free!

Becoming a member of the The Literary & Philosophical Society will help support the future of the historic building and book collection and will give you access to a huge range of benefits. These are such as; access to 160,000 books (not all of the 170,000 books can be borrowed), access to the music collection, long loan periods and no fines for overdue books, library workspace, access to additional rooms, free Wi-Fi, members only events and the The Literary & Philosophical Societies newsletter.