Towan Promenade, Newquay TR7 1DU

Blue Reef Aquarium is located on Towan Beach, just below the Crescent and the slope of its green park. As Newquay’s only aquarium, this is the place to go to get up close to the local sea life and visitors from waters all over the world.

Open to schools, families and holiday makers, the Blue Reef Aquarium is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Experience over 40 displays that vividly bring to life the sights, sounds and even smells of the sea! Stay to enjoy the regular feeding displays, rock-pool workshops and informative talks for a fun and informative day out.

The resident undersea creatures include seahorses, giant octopus, jellyfish and hordes of piranha. The heart of the aquarium is a coral reef display housed within a 250,000 litre ocean tank. The reef is home to exotic tropical species, brightly-coloured reef fish and a huge Southern Stingray.

To get the best experience of the reef, take the plunge through the underwater tunnel and see what it is like be immersed in the reef. You can also explore a number of viewing portholes, and a floor to ceiling window so you can experience the reef from all angles.

The larger inhabitants include black tip reef sharks and Omiros the rescued loggerhead turtle. Named after the Greek author, Homer, Omiros is blind like his namesake.

He was rescued in Greece and can’t be released due to his blindness. He’s now over 35 years old and weighs almost 100kg, so he’s doing well in captivity. During feeding times, the diligent staff will tell you Omiros’ amazing story.

Situated on Towan Promenade in the heart of Newquay, Blue Reef Aquarium not only offers a beach on its doorstep but also an amazing experience, whatever the weather!