The Old Vicarage Parkenbutts Opposite the Farmers Arms Public House Newquay TR7 3HE

St Columb Minor Church is a late 15th-century parish church in St Columb Minor, east of Newquay, in Cornwall. This fine example of a parish church is located in the centre of its village, opposite the Farmers Arms pub.

The site of the church has long held religious significance. It is likely to be the site of an ancient barrow, as pagan rites were once practiced there. According to ancient legend, Celtic missionaries drove away evil spirits in the area and replaced pagan magic with Christian worship.

The church is dedicated to St Columba. St Columba was an Irish abbot and missionary Evangelist. He is credited with spreading Christianity to Scotland and founded the abbey on island of Iona.

After its conversion to Christianity, the village has had a sanctuary or church of some kind. In 1100, a stone Norman church was built. However, over the next 300 years, it fell into disrepair. The church we see today was built in 1470.

The tower stands an impressive 115ft high and can be seen throughout the parish and far out to sea. Its clock was installed in 1910 and is dedicated to the Reverend A Langford.

Those interested in church history should take the time to visit St. Columb Minor Parish Church. Its Portable Altar dates all the way back to 1415 and is in perfect condition. There are very few other examples of such an altar.

It is also a beautiful village in its own right. Walking through its quiet streets, enjoying the church grounds and the shade of the spire is an ideal activity for a summer’s day. If you get too hot, you can always retire to the Farmers Arms pub.