Beach Road, Newquay TR7 3LN

Located right in the middle of the town’s beachfront, Towan Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Newquay. As one of the liveliest beaches in all of Cornwall, Towan Beach is the ideal place for families who want to experience plenty of action.

Curiously, there is more than one Towan Beach in Cornwall. The Newquay beach is located on Cornwall’s north shore, while its rockier, pebble counterpart is located on the south east shore.

Located, appropriately, at the end of Beach Road, Towan Beach is also accessible from the nearby Tolcarne and Great Western beaches at low tide. At high tide, the beach disappears and visitors are forced to the promenade to explore the shops and cafés.

On the north side of the beach, you’ll notice the Island, a cliff-like mass that sits just out to seas. It is connected to the mainland by a suspension bridge and was formerly the home of the famous scientist Sir Oliver Lodge.

The Island also helps create sizable waves in the right conditions, so it is a popular destination for surfers as well as families. Its proximity to Newquay makes it convenient for the shops, restaurants and hotels, which adds to the resort’s appeal.

Salty and as fresh as the ocean but sheltered from waves and currents, Towan sea pool is nestled at the foot of The Island. Topped up twice a day by the waves of the Atlantic and warmed by the sun, it has been a popular haven for children for decades.

Parking is in main town with a 10 minute walk and down a steep hill to the beach. If you are hoping to catch some sun,  deck chair hire is available for just £3 per day. The sand is clean and light on rocks, making it an ideal beach for families.