Station Road Forncett St Peter, Norwich NR16 1HZ

Located a few miles south of Norwich, in the village of Forncett St Peter, is the Norfolk Tank Museum. The museum is the biggest collection of tanks and military history in all of Norfolk. It is open from Easter to the end of October and welcomes visitors from all over the world.

The Museum is notable for its unique collection of Centurion tanks. They have an AVRE; a Mk13 Gun Tank and an ARV.

Also on display, with full public access, are a Chieftain Main Battle Tank and a Saladin Armoured Scout Car. Visitors can climb inside and experience the atmosphere of operating these machines for real. Around the museum, you will also find other vehicles, uniforms and small arms on display.

The Norfolk Tank Museum is proud to offer a hands-on experience of military history. They give you the opportunity to have access to and to handle pieces of the collection as much as possible.

If the weather is nice when you visit, you might be able to experience a ride over the museum’s off-road course in a Hugglunds BV206 All Terrain Vehicle. This fully amphibious machine will go anywhere, over anything, at serious speed. So hang on tight!

After all that excitement, you can relax in the tea room or spread out a blanket in the picnic area and enjoy the Norfolk sunshine.

The museum offers an insight into the life of a British Soldier from the late-19th Century.  Discover how they lived and died, the uniforms they wore, the vehicles they drove and the weapons and tools they used to defend their country.

So, if you are looking to get hands on with history and have a passion for all things military, visit Norfolk Tank Museum this summer.