Royal Parade, Plymouth, Devon, PL1 2AD

Located in the centre of Plymouth, just down the road from the Guildhall, the Minster Church of St Andrew has been a place of worship since 1170. Built in the 15th century, the church we see today is the focus for religious civic events in the Plymouth.

This Anglican church has seen its fair share of wear and tear. Since its initial expansion in 1460, it has been restored no less than three times. Most notably after World War II where the church was heavily bombed.

But, in the spirit of wartime solidarity, the local headmistress hung a sign on the ruined door that said “resurgam” (I shall rise again). And it did rise again, under the direction of Sir Frederick Etchells. To this day, the Resurgam Door stands as a reminder to the strength of the locals against all odds.

Visitors to the church today will find a fine example of a 15th century church. Despite its many restorations, it is a credit to the architects that they kept the original style throughout.

There are 6 windows that show the creation and life of Christ, all designed by John Piper. On the subject of pipes, the organ is the latest in the UK west of Bristol, which is necessary to fill the large space with choral music.

Today the church has a proactive programme of evangelical activities designed to appeal to the modern Plymouth community. The church has a large and committed congregation that participate in formal and informal services and family activities. Sunday is of course the big day of the week, with Holy Communion, Morning Service and Youth Groups taking place.

Whether a believer, a seeker or sceptic, the Church of St Andrew welcomes you and works hard to nurture and protect your spiritual life.