Stylish skylight shutters transform the way skylights look – while also adding unrivalled light control

Skylights brighten a converted loft space beautifully – bringing in swathes of light without interrupting the lines of the room. The trouble is that adding window dressings can be a problem – especially if you want to keep a clean and uncluttered look.

Skylight shutters are the perfect solution when dealing with slanted windows in your roof space – they’re neat, stylish, and incredibly easy to use and maintain, the perfect addition to Velux windows.

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Shutters are a stylish solution for skylights, which can be tricky to dress with other window coverings such as curtains. There are a number of ways skylight shutters can be fitted, so speak to your local Shuttercraft to find out more.

  • Unbeatable light control
  • Real hardwood panels
  • Choice of colours and designs
  • Ideal as Velux shutters
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Skylight shutters are a neat and practical option

It’s notoriously difficult to find attractive window coverings for loft conversions and other rooms with skylights in slanting roof spaces – gravity means curtains simply do not work, and automatic hanging blinds often come with expensive electrical installation costs.

Made-to-measure shutters for skylight windows do away with these problems completely.

They fit directly to the window frame but can still be opened completely, so you can still let plenty of fresh air into your space.

Of course, shutters are also the easiest option when it comes to cleaning and maintenance too.

A quick flick with a feather duster keeps them looking good – and if they need more attention, a wipe-over with a damp cloth will bring them up as good as new!

Plantation shutters let you control the sunlight through skylight windows

Shutters for Velux windows and skylights are a practical choice for people hoping to remove unwanted glare from the sunlight that can come through slanted roof windows.

The angle of skylights makes them especially susceptible to intrusive light – both from the sun and street lighting.

While blinds offer limited light control – shutters make it simple to adjust the light to the exact level you want.

Simply adjust the shutter slats by hand – the smooth mechanism makes for extremely light operation.

Of course, if your shutters are too high, we can explore the possibility of PowerMotion technology – where your shutters can be adjusted with the push of a button on a discreet remote control handset.


Trusted window shutter service

It’s not just about our impressive range of shutter styles and materials. It’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

Customers trust us all over the UK to provide a friendly, dependable service.

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Skylight shutters work in a huge range of properties

Shutters are one of the most versatile window coverings available – and a big part of what makes them so popular is the enormous range of properties they suit perfectly.

Shutters look great in period cottages with beams and low ceilings – but equally, the same colour, shape, and design will look stunning in a contemporary city-centre apartment with sharp lines and bold colours.

Skylights are a popular addition to properties of all shapes and sizes – and we’ve supplied and fitted skylight shutters in new builds, barn conversions, Victorian terraces, post-war bungalows, apartments and studios – to name just a few.

If you’re keen to see what shutters might look like in your home, our team will be delighted to share gallery pictures of previous installations.

Then, shutters finish the job – putting a thick layer of hardwood between you and the outside world.

When it is time to start your day, a quick adjustment of the shutter slats will begin to let the light in.

Then, when you’re ready for the sun, your blinds slide up, letting the light flood in.

Water-resistant skylight shutters are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms

While real hardwood shutter panels always sound appealing – they’re not always the best option in rooms where they could be exposed to moisture or steam.

However, since skylight shutters look outstanding in any room – we’ve developed a water-resistant range that’s perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens, or even spaces that house a pool or hot tub.

Our Java shutters are made from waterproof ABS – but it’s virtually impossible to see any difference compared to shutters from our premium hardwood ranges.

The result is tough, water-resistant shutters that stand up to splashes and steam – while still providing light control and bringing unparalleled good looks to your space!

Our custom colour option lets you find a perfect match for your roof shutters

You’ll notice that our skylight shutter options include a custom colour option – giving you an opportunity to make sure your new shutters match your interior design and tastes perfect.

You might choose from our range of gentle neutral tones for plantation shutters – a selection that includes Bright White, Aura White and Crisp Linen.

Then again, you might pick from our spectrum of contemporary paint colours – including Magma, Officer and Sea Mist.

If there’s nothing in our standard range of colours or wood stains that catch your eye – then we’ll create skylight shutters with a custom paint option to match any colour you choose. We’ll do everything we can to make your shutters the perfect addition to your room.

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