Georgian shutters are an authentic addition to 18th and 19th Century period properties in Great Britain – combining unbeatable privacy and insulation with timeless style.

Here, we’ll look at Georgian shutters for windows in more depth, including some of the benefits they’ll bring to your home, different styles and designs, and some instances when local planning permission regulations will make shutters a must.

What are Georgian shutters?

Georgian shutters are also referred to as ‘solid shutters’ – and that will give you an idea of the look.

Originally designed as internal shutters for a Georgian house, these panels are clean and simple in their design – with no louvres or ‘slats’.

Traditionally, Georgian shutters are flush panels that sit inside casement windows.

These panels open outwards on uncomplicated rectangular hinges to let the sunlight into your home.

Sliding Georgian shutters

Of course, many of the era’s grander houses had large windows – and this is where modern technology can work hand-in-hand with traditional style.

Georgian window shutters can be mounted on virtually invisible tracks, allowing for effortless opening and closing – even in rooms with bigger windows or patio doors.

With a track system, you can opt for either bi-fold shutters or by-pass shutters.

Bi-fold shutters slide effortlessly along their tracks and open in a concertina fashion, folding back at both sides of the window.

By-pass shutters are mounted on two tracks – meaning the fixed panels slide in front of or behind the other – without taking up any additional floor space when opened.

The way that sliding Georgian shutters are installed means that operation is extremely light – as all the weight of the shutter panels is suspended from the tracks.

This makes for effortless opening and closing – with even large panels easily opened with one hand.

What is a Georgian window?

A Georgian window is usually one that’s made up of six or more small panes of glass – held together by horizontal and vertical bars.

Small panes were characteristic of the time because of the manufacturing processes used to make window panes.

In Georgian times, the glass sheets used to make windows were blown, so large panes were out of the question.

By using slim bars between these smaller panes, daylight was maximised without compromising the strength of the glass.

The timeless style of Georgian windows is still popular in homes today – so whether you have original windows in your property, or more modern recreations, shutters will still be the perfect addition to your room.

Different Georgian shutter styles

There was no one-size-fits-all with shutters for windows in Georgian homes – and with our made-to-measure shutters, you can choose a style that’s perfect for your property.

In-ground floor rooms, a full-height or tier-on-tier shutter design is a popular option.

Full height shutters offer breathtaking clean lines, especially on tall windows.

Alternatively, a tier-on-tier design still covers the full window – but the upper and lower tiers can be opened independently for greater light control.

Cafe-style shutters are also popular in Georgian properties – especially on the first floor.

A cafe-style shutter covers just the lower section of the window – giving privacy while still allowing plenty of daylight into the room.

Benefits of shutters on Georgian windows

Georgian shutters bring wide-range of benefits to a home, including:

  • An added layer of hardwood insulation
  • Complete privacy when closed
  • Improved room darkening vs shutters with louvres
  • Increased kerb appeal
  • Increased property value

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Do Georgian houses have shutters?

In short, yes – Georgian houses often had shutters for a number of practical reasons.

The first was heat insulation. If you’re lucky enough to own a period home with original sash windows, you’ll likely know a thing or two about heat loss and drafts.

The plain recessed panels of Georgian sash shutters added an extra layer of hardwood to the window, significantly improving the warmth of the property.

Secondly, Georgian era homes had security to think about – especially on ground floor windows.

While today’s double- or triple-glazed windows are extremely secure, single-pane windows were an easy prospect for 18th Century thieves.

Latched solid window shutters made it more difficult to enter the home – and while security is less of an issue today, the Georgian shutter-style still adds a visual deterrent.

Georgian shutters for listed property

Today, many Georgian homes are listed buildings, meaning it can be difficult to make changes without carefully consulting local planning regulations.

In some cases, replacing existing shutters needs to be done on a like-for-like basis, even if your existing shutters are in a poor state of repair.

Georgian shutters from Shuttercraft are a great addition to your home if you find yourself in this situation.

Our traditional manufacturing methods and period sympathetic designs means we can often come close to perfectly matching existing shutters – no matter how old they are.

Not only will new shutters represent significantly less work than a refurbishment of old solid shutters, they will also be significantly easier to maintain moving forward, with no need for repainting or costly repairs.

Do shutters go with Georgian windows?

Yes. Shutters are the perfect match for Georgian windows – not least because they’re likely to be the window dressing that was installed on your home when it was first built.

Of course, interior styles change – so modern solid shutters come with a range of options and accessories that hadn’t been considered in Georgian-era England.

You may decide to match a traditional Georgian style with a colour that suits your more modern decor or furniture.

Even if the original shutters from your Georgian windows are long-gone, our design team will help you find a style that matches your home and your unique style perfectly.

What’s the next step if you’d like Georgian shutters?

If Georgian window shutters would look perfect in your home, getting in touch with the Shuttercraft team is the next step to take.

When you do, you’ll be talking to an expert who understands Georgian shutters – as well as many of the planning regulations that occur with listed buildings.

We’ll be able to arrange a visit to accurately measure your windows, and when we come to your home, we’ll show you the different colours, styles, and options we have available.

Don’t worry; there’s never any obligation when you call or arrange a visit – we’re shutter experts, not salespeople!

Our role is simple – we’ll answer your questions, show you our products, and give you all the information you need to decide whether Georgian shutters from Shuttercraft are right for your home.

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