ST16 3NZ

Coton Field Allotments are located within Stafford, Prospect Road. The allotments provide local residents with the opportunity to rent a plot of land to grow their own fresh produce.

Allotments are plots of land in a local area that are given to local community members so they can grow their own organic produce. Whatever you chose to grow on your plot is yours to eat, providing fresh organic fruit and vegetables for the family.

Coton Fields Allotments were established in 1206 when King John gave the Royal Charter to his ‘Burgesses of Stafford’. Since this date, the area has been used by the Burgesses to feed their families. Nowadays, all local Stafford residents are welcome to invest in a plot at Coton Fields and experience the value in home grown produce.

The tradition of having allotments in the UK dates back hundreds of years, to when poorer people required the land as their main source of food. In current times, you rent an allotment from your local council or a private landlord.

Keeping and maintaining an allotment also a great form of exercise. From the more intensive clearing process at the beginning to the planting and watering later on, this is a brilliant form of exercise because you get to decide the pace. It is an enjoyable and valuable hobby to participate in, providing multiple different physical and mental health benefits. 

Coton Fields Allotments offers tenants multiple facilities to allow tenants to make the most of their plot, and grow the best home grown fruit and vegetables. On site, there is an allotment store for the Coton Field Allotment community. Here tenants are able to buy seeds, equipment and anything else that may be needed for the allotment maintenance.

Water taps are available on site to provide tenants with access to water in order to fill any water butts they may have on their plot. We kindly require that these taps aren’t used for direct watering of crops, as this reduces water pressure for other tenants. Directed curtesy measures on the allotment are there to ensure all members of the Coton Field Allotment community are able to enjoy the facilities and benefit from them.