The Silver Threads Hall is, located in the heart of Donnington, Telford. Silver Threads is a spacious community hall and play room which offers many different services to the wider community. The hall association run and accommodate groups from those aged 0 all the way up to the over 65’s. Check out the Groups page in order to find out more information.

The Silver Threads Hall is a non-profit organisation which it runs many different fantastic baby and toddler groups that are put on in order to bring the community together.

The Silver Threads Hall was established in October 2006, when, at the time all other community halls in the area where full booked and had no facilities and a group of people needed a space within the area of Donnington & Donnington Wood. At the time The Silver Threads Hall was called The Silver Threads Club and only being used once a week, by a local group called the Silver Threads Club set up in the 1940’s. the Silver Threads Club was then converted into two rooms, with a pre -school in the back room, after some great success the hall was re name. The Silver Threads Hall and start to offer a cheap space for the local community to hire.

Since then The Silver Threads Hall has been successful in applying for grants from Fair share and other local companies. This has helped The Silver Threads Hall is developing and making the hall a better place for the local community.

There are two main areas of The Silver Threads Hall that can be hired, one is the spacious main hall which comes complete with tables and chairs, or can be used empty for sessions such as fitness classes. The other is the play room which is fully kitted out with a huge range of toys for children to play with. Both rooms are available to hire,