Window shutters are becoming the most popular UK window covering

Window shutters are increasingly becoming one of the most popular forms of window covering,  Window shutters are a great way to complete the look and feel of almost any space.

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What are the benefits of window shutters?

  • Excellent light control
  • Increased Privacy
  • Stylish new look
  • Made-to-measure and perfectly fitting
  • Added insulation against heat loss
  • Hygienic
  • Added kerb appeal
  • Optional integrated blind

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What type of window shutter should I choose?

How do I choose the style or design? Different styles suit different windows and situations, so it is worth speaking with your local Shuttercraft specialist for the best shutter for your window. We work alongside you, offering our design advice and experience to make light of getting the product that benefits your living space.

Whether you settle on classic full height shutters, the more flexible tier-on-tier, or the partially covering café style, each provides different levels of light control.

If you have a larger window, then track shutters could be the flexible and stylish way to fill the space and cover the large expanse of glass. The By-Pass system works by letting shutter panels glide past one another, whereas the Bi-Fold allows panels to fold together, making them a great choice for room dividers, such as with en-suite bathrooms.

Shutters are especially good for window shapes and sizes that are more out of the ordinary. Special shape shutters are individually crafted, and made-to-measure to fit windows exactly, whether the shape features angles, curves or a mixture of the two.

If you have a style in mind, but don’t know what could work in your windows, let us do the hard work for you. We make light work of helping you choose the right window shutter based on your designs and requirements.

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How do I know what size my window is?

Every home is different, so every window will be a different size. Even if there are minute variations from the house next door, making sure that the shutter fits exactly means getting the measurements exact.

Considering fitting your own shutters but don’t know where to start?

That might just be for the best. Although it may seem cheaper in the short term, wrong measurements or poor fitting could in fact end up costing you much more. It is therefore definitely worth choosing a trusted shutter specialist who can provide peace of mind as well as both surveying and fitting experience.
As the products we supply are a made-to-measure product, it is best to get a specialist to measure for them, so why not book a free survey with your local Shuttercraft, with no obligation to buy.

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Do shutters work anywhere else in the home beside windows?

Quite simply put, yes. Room dividers, patio doors and built-in wardrobe coverings are all perfect for the shutter treatment. We only supply made-to-measure products, so you know that the shutter will fit the space exactly, whether for a window or elsewhere within your property.

Although historically shutters were designed for windows, the movable louvres make them ideal for other purposes too, such as increasing air flow, added privacy and preventing damp build-up. As well as looking good in different rooms, they provide additional benefits to help make your house a home.

For keeping your clothes aired, screening off sections of open plan rooms, or stopping people peering through large glass doors, you can be sure that there are shutters to suit your needs.

What type of shutter material should I choose for my windows?

At Shuttercraft we offer a range of shutter materials from S:CRAFT, suitable for a range of rooms and interior designs.

For example, the ABS Java range is perfect for windows with single pane glass that is prone to condensation. Fully waterproof, Java is available in several popular shades of white, making it also suitable for the damp environments of bathrooms.

Premium hardwood shutters such as the Fiji range are robust and durable for a range of room sets. We offer a broad range of paint colours and wood stains, you are guaranteed to find a shutter to match your taste in interior designs whether for kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Sustainably sourced and FSC certified, one of the benefits of the Sumatra range is that it is great for the environmentally conscious homeowner. Sumatra is made from white teak, a high quality and quick growing wood grown on the Solomon Islands. Due to the attention to details paid in the manufacturing process, the quality of the shutters is guaranteed to last for years to come.

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Who do I call or contact to arrange the next steps?

Interested in transforming the look and feel of your home?
Why not contact your local Shuttercraft to book a free survey, and we will do the rest.

From detailed measuring and professional design advice, through to ordering, fitting and after sales service, we are there to make your experience of buying shutters as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Use the easy postcode search below to find your nearest Shuttercraft and take the next steps today towards breathing new life into your living space.

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Choose a window covering that is made-to-measure

We care about your home almost as much as you do, which is why we only fit window coverings that are made-to-measure. Custom crafted to match your design choices and specifications, plantation shutters don’t just work well in windows, they are also ideal on French doors, as room dividers, or as bespoke wardrobe doors.

How will I directly benefit once my window shutters are installed?


There are a number of benefits for shutters that makes them such a versatile choice for windows.

  • Shutters for windows are an excellent inclusion for your interiors as they add a layer, providing additional insulation. This helps to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and can even reduce your heating bills as a result.
  • Due to the style of shutter that you choose, there is an increase in the perceived security for your property as a result. Full height shutters cover the whole window, stopping people from seeing through, and making your home seem more secure. They can also include a key lock, also helping to increase the security of your space.
  • Due to the operable louvres, shutters are known for providing excellent light control, letting you get the levels to suit you, no matter what the time of day.
  • Being incredibly easy to clean, and available with an antibacterial coating, shutters are definitely more of a hygienic choice of window covering, perfect for those who suffer from dust allergies.
  • Making your home equally the envy of your neighbours and people walking past, premium window shutters fitted by your local Shuttercraft will also add a degree of kerb appeal.

Whatever the type of window, there is a shutter for you, to suit your tastes and requirements. There are many shutter benefits and options to get them looking just how you’d pictured. Just book a free home appointment today, with no obligation to buy, and we can make light work of choosing the right shutters for your living space.

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