Castle Street University of Worcester – City Campus, Worcester WR1 3AS

The Infirmary is an exciting and interesting exhibition at the University of Worcester’s campus, which showcases history, science and technology, demonstrating notable medical stories of Worcester Royal Infirmary.

Worcester Royal Infirmary is one of the older infirmaries and, therefore, has a long and exciting history, teaching us lots about medical history and discovery.

The exhibitions at The Infirmary include pieces from the George Marshall Medical Museum collection, and include medical, surgical and nursing apparatus from history.

There are historical photographs, which show the equipment used and the uniforms worn over the past 250 years.

When you visit you can experience the following;

  • You can meet characters from the infirmary
  • You are able to investigate medical technology from over time
  • Explore the memories and occupations of those from the infirmary
  • Learn something new about mental health issues
  • Witness the difference in healthcare in history compared to what we know today.

The hospital itself operated from 1771 until 2002 at this location, and throughout this time, there were important medical discoveries. The hospital was awarded ‘Royal’ status when His Royal Highness Prince of Wales visited in 1932 which is where it gained its title ‘Worcester Royal Infirmary’.

The Medical Museums offer a variety of different educational workshops, tours, and lots of other activities for children and adults. This makes the Medical Museums the perfect place to visit with children for the whole family to enjoy.

The museums offer talks, work experience, and lots of community events, helping to tell the story of the history of medicine and medical intervention in Worcester itself.

The Infirmary is open to everyone, and welcomes visitors of all ages and professions and will facilitate your visit as best as possible, so if you have any special requirements, get in touch with the infirmary and they will be happy to help.