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Window shutters for your bedroom

Let Shuttercraft help transform your bedroom with stylish window shutters for your bedroom windows.

If you’re looking to help ensure a better night’s sleep, our integrated room darkening blind could be the answer. Ideal if you or your family need to sleep during the day or if you have harsh streetlights outside your home, this window dressing solution virtually eliminates all external light to your bedroom.

Your window shutters will let you control the aount of light you require in your bedroom, blocking it out or letting it in as desired. Tilting the window shutter louvres can keep the room bright while preventing the gradual bleaching effect of the sun on your fabric and furnishings.

Beyond the excellent light control that shutters provide, we know you’ll love the other practical benefits of bedroom shutter blinds in your home. Shutters add a layer between you and the outside world; they provide additional insulation when the shutter panels and louvres are closed. Shutters help reduce heat loss, and of course, they provide privacy at your fingertips.

If you are looking to transform your bedroom with plantation shutters, you can always consider using this window dressing as a room divider or bespoke wardrobe doors. Whether folding or sliding on a track, shutters are designed to make the most of your bedroom. Shuttercraft shutters are made-to-measure to meet your bedroom windows requirements.

Full height shutters and track shutters are very popular for bedrooms, transforming rooms, and complementing interior design choices. Whether for your windows, on a track, or in place of wardrobe doors, shutter blinds are stylish and practical, letting you use the space for the things you love.

Shuttercraft bedroom plantation shutters
  • Integrated blind option for the best in room darkening
  • Light control and privacy
  • Added insulation
  • Excellent as room dividers or bespoke wardrobe doors
  • Instant curb appeal

Discover bedroom shutter blinds

Shuttercraft can help you choose a selection of shutters to match your type of style. Made to measure bedroom window shutters can be fitted directly into a shutter frame or a window recess.

At Shuttercraft, we can help you choose the colours and style that will harmonise your interior style. You will love the sleek modern lines of the shutter panels that will compliment your bedroom.

Curtains and blinds are not usually designed to fit your windows exactly and will allow light to bleed on either side of the window.

The Shutter & Shade range is a perfect solution for bedrooms, especially if you require the added blackout effect in your bedroom.

The Shutter & Shade range also offers first-rate insulation properties to help prevent heat loss while adding a layer of privacy for your bedroom.

There are many colour options on offer for the integrated blind that fits between the shutter panel. Shuttercraft aims to achieve the best style possible for your interiors.

Choosing your next window dressings for your bedroom does not need to difficult at Shuttercraft. There is something for everyone; there is a wide choice of styles suited for any bedroom.

At Shuttercraft, there are no standard sizes; we want our customers to be happy with the product quality and the service they receive from our shutter experts.

We help you pick the right shutters for your home, making the most of your space. Contact your local Shuttercraft to arrange a free, no-obligation home visit.

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