Explore the host of benefits café style shutters could add to your home

Cafe style shutters are the perfect way to bring a light and breezy continental feel to your home. Since café shutters cover just the bottom half of your windows, they offer privacy without compromising on natural daylight.

We’ve put together a little more information about café style shutters here – including why you might choose this design over tier-on-tier shutters or full height shutters, along with some of the benefits they could bring to your space.

shutters half height

So-called because of their popularity in cafés and restaurants, café style shutters cover just the lower portion of your window - so you can make the most of the daylight.

Need a little privacy from street-level passers-by? No problem, just tilt the louvres and put your feet up in the sunshine.

  • Privacy at eye level
  • Perfect for bay windows
  • More space for window features
  • Control the light
window shutters cafe style

The perfect blend of privacy and light

Since a café style shutter covers only the lower half of a window, the design allows for maximum light while still completely controlling privacy.

Even if your room looks out onto a road, pavement, neighbour’s property, café shutters can be placed perfectly so you avoid the feeling of being overlooked without closing off your entire window area.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to shutters. Your cafe shutters will be made to fit your windows perfectly.

You might decide that there’s a horizontal bar in your window design that represents the perfect height for your shutters – or you may simply opt for a shutter that’s exactly half-height.

At Shuttercraft, our expert team of design specialists will make sure the finished product is exactly what you had in mind.

Cafe plantation shutters in custom colours

As standard, our café style shutters come in a range of colours – from pure white through deep black walnut and rich auburn.

We think there’s something to complement any property – but we also understand that everyone’s home is a little different. As such, we offer a fully custom colour service.

Would you like your shutters to blend in beautifully with your surrounding walls or window frames? No problem.

Then again, perhaps you’d like your shutters to pop with colour and accent your rooms? Again, no problem.

Since your shutters are made to your exact specifications, we can match an almost unlimited range of tones and shades.

What’s more, all our shutters are finished with a UV resistant layer to minimise the chance of fading.

cafe plantation shutters

Trusted window shutter service

It’s not just about our impressive range of shutter styles and materials… it’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

We’re trusted by customers all over the UK to provide a friendly dependable service.

waterproof cafe shutters

Waterproof shutter panels

Café style shutters look especially striking when they’re fitted in kitchens or bathrooms – allowing for a bright, open feel while still covering half of the window.

Since moisture in these environments can sometimes be a problem for fabric dressings and wooden window coverings, we’ve developed our Java range as the perfect solution.

Made from durable water-resistant ABS, our Java window shutters are virtually indistinguishable from stylish hardwood – but they do an even better job of standing up to splashes and steam.

Hidden tilt rod

Traditionally, plantation shutters have an exposed ’tilt rod’ – a hanging bar that twists to angle the slats to your liking.

If you have a period property and would like this traditional look, we can create your shutters with the tilt rod exposed.

Alternatively, we can install a ‘silent’ tilt rod – a hidden mechanism that means your louvres can be quickly and conveniently adjusted by hand.

The choice is yours! Whether you’d prefer your shutters smooth and uncomplicated – or a little more traditional, we’ll make sure they’re exactly right.

cafe shutter
out side view cafe shutters

Cafe style shutter panels suit a huge range of properties

Plantation shutters add timeless style to a property.

In fact, shutter panels are just as at-home in contemporary apartment living rooms as they are in traditional low-ceiling cottage kitchens.

Fashions for curtains and blinds tend to come and go, but shutters offer a timeless style that perfectly complements virtually any kind of home.

Make space for window features

Half-height shutters are ideal if you’ve got ornate window designs that you don’t want a dressing to detract from.

Your cafe shutters will be designed to ensure the shutter frame and shutter panel sit at the perfect height in the window.

If you’ve got a stained-glass feature or traditional windowpanes you’d like to keep on show – shutters are an ideal solution.

shutters make window space
wooden cafe style shutters

Popular in offices and businesses

Finding window dressings for an office or business can be tricky – it’s hard to find a traditional style that doesn’t detract from the professional, clean feel in the space.

This is where cafe style plantation shutters come into their own.

Since you’re not closing off the entire window, light reduction is minimal – but privacy is maintained for people who are working, meeting, waiting, eating, or otherwise using your business.

When it comes to cleaning, that’s a breeze too – a wipe from a damp cloth and your workplace is looking its best again.

Unmatched kerb appeal

Cafe shutter styles are virtually unmatched when it comes to boosting the kerb appeal of your property.

Although fabric window dressings can be attractive from the inside, they rarely look impressive from outside your home.

With shutters, this problem is removed completely. Hardwood shutters look stunning from inside and out – so your home will stand out as being exceptionally well-presented to passers-by.

shutters cafe kerb appeal
made to measure cafe shutters

Your new shutters will be made-to-measure

Getting shutters that are perfect for your home starts with the measuring process.

Your shutter frames will sit in the recess just in front of the window – so for a precise fit, we always start with precise measurements.

Manufacturing processes have come a long way since shutters were first popular in UK homes – but even at our state-of-the-art facilities, we still work with the highest quality raw materials and traditional carpentry methods.

The result? Stunning made-to-measure shutters that are a perfect fit and built to last.

Enjoy a 10-year warranty on all our window shutters

Most of the cafe window shutters we supply and fit are made of premium natural hardwood – a robust, hard-wearing material that will stand up to life in the busiest family home.

To make sure your shutters are free from any natural hardwood imperfections that could develop over time, we’ve created The Shuttercraft 10 Year Warranty. Should you run into any issues that relate to fitting, materials, or build quality, we’ll do our utmost to put them right.

ten year warranty
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Love café style shutters? Get expert style advice

If you think cafe style shutters would complement your home – why not get in touch with our friendly expert team to arrange a quote?

When you do, you can be absolutely confident there will be no pressure or obligation – just excellent service, answers to your questions and helpful advice on what will work well in your property.

We’ve installed thousands of cafe style plantation shutters across the UK – so we’ve got lots of design inspiration and knowledge to share!

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