Rooted in Responsibility: Planting Trees for a Greener Tomorrow

Shuttercraft is dedicated to being a responsible retailer.

With each shutter sold, we contribute to environmental conservation through our Tree Planting Initiative, Ecologi. As a B-Corp Certified Environmental Organisation since 2019, Ecologi have been funding tree planting initiatives, and minimising CO2 in the environment.

Since partnering with them in 2022, we have funded the planting of over 7000 trees!

Learn more about our partnership with Ecologi here.

Combatting Climate Change

By funding tree planting initiatives, we are consciously helping to combat climate change. Trees are an invaluable resource for the environment, as they purify air and water sources, providing better quality of life for local communities.

Planting trees minimises the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere by absorbing excess gas in the air. As trees are self-sustaining, they have a long-lasting, positive impact on the environment.

All tree planting projects are monitored by Ecologi, through comprehensive reports, to ensure they have the intended impact for years to come.

Strengthening Ecosystems

Planting trees is a great way to strengthen ecosystems, as they maintain and restore sustainable environments. A biodiverse ecosystem is essential to ensure that the natural cycles of forests are preserved.

Improving the survival rate of different animal species hinges on the restoration of their habitats. Given that a substantial 80% of the world’s land animals inhabit forests, the imminent threat to their homes emphasises the importance of our support for reforestation efforts.

To guarantee that these animals’ habitats are protected, forests planted by Ecologi are monitored and protected by project partners.

Responsible Reforestation

Ecologi’s reforestation efforts ensure that their commitment isn’t wasted – their comprehensive processes minimise the risk of forest fires and preserve trees so they are not destroyed due to deforestation.

Most trees planted exhibit a survival rate ranging from 80% to 85%, complemented by natural regeneration over the course of time. A variety of native and non-native species are planted, this increases biodiversity within animal habitats, and resistance to disease and climate change.

Ecologi selects trustworthy partners, conducts thorough site screening, chooses appropriate trees, and monitors regularly to control fire risk in their initiatives.

Environmental stewardship and sustainable practices are at the forefront of our minds at Shuttercraft.

By joining forces with Ecologi in 2022, we’ve not only planted over 7000 trees, but also developed a sustainable approach for communities in Madagascar, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Kenya. These reforestation initiatives signify a shared vision for a greener, healthier planet.

As we continue this journey, our dedication to sequestering carbon emissions and supporting global ecosystems remains constant. Together with Ecologi, we are sowing the seeds of positive change, fostering a future where environmental consciousness is central to our values.

This image is from a mangrove reforestation project in Belavenika, Madagasgar, funded by Shuttercraft.

If you share our passion for supporting climate action and want to be part of this movement, we encourage you to get in touch with your local Shuttercraft expert.

As Ecologi grows, we remain committed to supporting their inspirational tree-planting projects. So, join us in making a positive difference for the planet.

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