Round Window Shutters: Custom Elegance for Unique Windows

Round window shutters are an excellent solution for covering uniquely shaped windows, without concealing their natural shape.

It can be tricky to find the right option for your round windows, especially in areas where you need good privacy and light control. Round shutters offer the balance of function and beauty, always custom made for your exact measurements.

Maintaining the unique architectural beauty in your home is easy with made-to-measure solutions, like round window shutters, available in a range of colours and finishes to suit almost any style.

Why Round Window Shutters?

Round window shutters are one of the best options for round windows, as they allow you to match the same style throughout your home.  

If your round windows are exposed to a busy road or lots of bright sunlight, rounded shutters are perfect to reduce glare on your screens, while providing privacy in your living spaces.

Whether your round windows are in your kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms, our custom shutters are designed to fit each space perfectly. Our experienced team of shutter specialists is here to help you achieve your dream home.

Create a cosy ambience in your home with circle window shutters, and make the most of their amazing benefits. Shutters are amazing at retaining heat during the winter, and reflecting external heat during the summer. Their energy efficiency reduces the need for heating and cooling, perfect for year-round comfort.

Design and Customisation

Round plantation shutters are customisable to suit virtually any décor, with various beautiful finishes and colours, perfect to enhance your current interiors. From classic white, to stylish stained shutters, it’s easy to find your perfect finish.

With a varied selection of louvre sizes and additional add-ons, such as PowerMotion, you can tailor your rounded shutters to suit your lifestyle. Achieve a classic look with functional tilt rods, or create a seamless finish with sleek silent tilt.

Our round shutters for round windows and arched windows are an effortless way to enhance the interior of your home. Each shutter is crafted seamlessly for your home and interior style, so if there’s a specific colour you’d love for your shutters, why not ask your local Shuttercraft about our custom colour option?

Would you like to learn more about your colour and finish choices? Book a free home design consultation with your local Shuttercraft expert today.

Installation Excellence

Allow us to take away the stress of measuring and installing your shutters – our experts are highly experienced in knowing how to measure and fit plantation shutters, even in trickier round windows.

Whether you want to explore your options, or you’re ready to make a decision, you can trust us to help you bring your vision to life, while creating a functional space you’ll love for years to come.

With top-rated design service, we are dedicated to ensuring your experience is amazing. You can rest assured knowing your home is complete with your dream round window shutters!

The Shuttercraft Difference

At Shuttercraft, we are dedicated to ensuring you not only love the final product, but you enjoy the experience too.

Our local experts take great care in ensuring you can make the best decision for your home, without pressuring you to make a purchase. When you do choose to go ahead with round shutters for your home, they will seamlessly guide you through the process.

Not to mention, our made-to-measure plantation shutters are only the highest quality, meaning they’ll look great in your home for years, without needing a replacement!

Customer Success Stories

With our top-rated design service, you can rely on our dedication to you throughout your journey with us. Here’s just one glowing review of our custom-made round window shutters!

“A very professional and personal service. Martin was very knowledgeable and offered exceptional customer service at all times during the process when purchasing circular window shutters Jack who did the installation was efficient polite and would highly recommend this company. The product was of a high quality and fitted perfectly.”


Yes, you can install shutters on most round windows. In fact, shutters are one of the best options for round windows, as they are made to for the exact measurements of the space, without concealing their natural shape.

Rounded shutters are a great way to cover round windows, without completely blocking natural light. For areas where you need more privacy, adjustable louvres allow you to control the amount of visibility and light into your home. If maintaining the natural architecture of your home is important to you, round window shutters can enhance the shape of your windows, and even support their structure.

Whilst it’s true that window shutters can be an expensive investment, they are worth the money if you consider their u003ca href=u0022 benefitsu003c/au003e and longevity. For example, window shutters are easy to clean, they allow you to easily control light and privacy, and even improve insulation in your home year-round.

Shutters are a timeless and fashionable window covering, sought-after for many years. With numerous customisations, you can stay up to date with the latest shades using our custom colour option. If you’re more of a technology fan, you can add u003ca href=u0022 motorisationu003c/au003e for convenience and modern appeal. Whatever your style, shutters are undeniably one of the most fashionable window coverings

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