White shutters are a bright, airy, and stylish addition to any room. As well as looking great, a white shutter is also a perfect solution for anyone looking for additional light control and privacy in their home. You can take a more detailed look at white wooden shutters here.

We’ll answer some common questions about white shutters and white plantation blinds, then explain the next steps and great service you can expect if white shutters are right for your property.

Can you have white shutters?

Yes! At Shuttercraft, white shutters are some of the most popular products we design, supply and fit – so if you’re looking for a white shutter, you’re in exactly the right place.

As well as a custom colour option, we offer 23 paint colours – with 4 shades of white:

  • Pure White
  • Silk White
  • Extra White
  • Bright White

In addition to these colours, we have 9 off-white colours for plantation shutters:

  • Pearl
  • Crisp Linen
  • Creamy
  • Cameo
  • Winchester White
  • Ivory Lace
  • Bisque
  • Alabaster
  • Butter

So, whether you’re looking for a bright white, a blue/grey-white, or a tone that leans towards cream or beige, we have something that will be a perfect fit for your home.

Our custom colour service

Take a quick glance at any interior paint range and you’ll realise there are countless shades and variations of white.

Even whites that share the same name can look different depending on the brand of paint you’ve chosen.

When we visit your home to measure for white shutters or white shutter blinds, we’ll bring colour samples so you can find the one that’s right for your room.

If we don’t have the exact tone you’re looking for; we’ll tell you more about our custom colour service.

We’re able to precisely identify any colour – whether it’s on existing paintwork, a favourite piece of furniture, or just a paint colour swatch that you’re choosing from.

When your made-to-measure white wood shutters arrive, they’ll be the perfect match for your home.

Why are white shutters so popular?

For over a hundred years, white has been the window frame colour of choice in the UK. As such, white shutters on house windows have also been the go-to shade.

Recently, different window frame colours have come into fashion. It’s not uncommon to see grey, brown, and even black frames on homes and commercial properties.

The thing is, while stylish from the outside, these colours often limit what can be done with a home’s interior decor. So, even though exterior frames are sometimes a bold colour, they’re often matched with white interior frames.

As such, white wooden blinds/shutters are still the most popular choice – even when twinned with a contrasting exterior frame.

High-quality window shutters that we guarantee won’t fade

Coloured window dressings – such as curtains and roman blinds – have had a reputation for fading when exposed to sunlight.

This has also been the case with early coloured double-glazing units. Because of this, people have historically opted for pale window dressings and frames – so any fading due to sunlight is minimised.

Today, innovative new materials and processes mean that fading is almost entirely a thing of the past.

In fact, new shutters from Shuttercraft come with ‘colour fastness’ built into our warranty.

Despite this, the preference for white shutters remains. Your home is your own – so you’ll never face any pressure from our team on which colour shutters you choose – but whatever your final choice is, you can be confident your wooden shutters will look their best for years to come.

The benefits of white plantation shutters

The look of white window shutters can transform the look of the whole room – but when you look at the finer details, you’ll realise they come with a host of benefits beyond their good looks.

Take a look at some of the benefits different styles of white shutter could bring to your space:

  • Bedroom windows and white shutters
  • Control the light throughout your home
  • White window shutters: Interior privacy
  • Simple maintenance of window shutters

Bedroom windows and white shutters

UK homes are subject to a huge variety of light conditions throughout the year. In the height of summer, the sun can illuminate your home for over 16 hours – sometimes making it difficult to keep your body clock in check.

Shutters are a great way to control the light on your terms – giving you a good night’s sleep all year round.

If you’re looking for maximum light reduction, you may even decide to explore a white plantation shutters/white blind ‘shutter and shade’ combination – ideal for shift workers or those who benefit from an even darker room while they sleep.

Control the light throughout your home

It’s not just your bedrooms where light control is important – and as such, we can create shutters that give you control over the light in your living room, bathroom, or any other space in your home.

White shutters can be made to match your window perfectly. Perhaps you’d like a two-tier shutter – where the lower tier can remain closed while light floods in the top tier?

Or maybe you’d like white cafe-style shutters that leave the upper window completely open to daylight?

Choose from an almost endless range of designs and louvre sizes.

White window shutters: Interior privacy

Almost all UK homes are overlooked from some angle – whether that’s from neighbouring properties or passing traffic on roads or footpaths. If you’d like to take back control of your privacy, white hardwood shutters are the perfect way to do it.

The louvres – or ‘slats’ – in your new made-to-measure shutters can be angled to allow for privacy while at the same time making sure you still get natural light in your room.

While curtains and blinds are often either open or closed, shutters allow for a middle-ground that combines invigorating sunlight and relaxing privacy.

Simple maintenance of window shutters

White shutters may sound like hard work to keep clean – but in fact, the opposite is true.

White wooden shutters are quick and easy to maintain.

A simple brush from a feather duster and an occasional wipe with a damp cloth will ensure your shutters are always looking their best.

What’s more, shutters don’t attract or trap dust and allergens like fabric window dressings – so you get exceptional style with no worries about pet hair, pollen, particles, or any expensive cleaning methods.

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White shutters with a 10-year warranty

When you buy white shutters, it’s important that you have absolute peace of mind that your investment will stay looking good and operate flawlessly throughout their lifetime.

This is why we created the Shuttercraft 10-Year Warranty.

From materials through to fitting, we’ll make sure everything is exactly right – and in the rare instance something doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll send someone to your home to put it right.

How much are white wooden shutters?

The price of white shutters will depend on the window that they’re being fitted in and the specific design features you select.

At Shuttercraft, we firmly believe that the price you’re quoted should be the price you pay.

So, rather than offering guideline prices that are likely to change, we’ll create a quote that’s right first time.

The best way to find out how much a white shutter will be is to book a measurement visit.

A shutter design expert will come to your home and walk you through our different white shutters, interior design ideas, and all the optional extras available.

And don’t worry – you’re not inviting a salesperson into your home! We believe great quality shutters speak for themselves – so we promise there will never be any obligation or pressure to make a decision.

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