Shutters aren’t just for windows!
Room divider shutters let you transform any open-plan space

Whether you’re working, changing, relaxing, cooking, or making an area for kids to play – it’s often nice to have a dedicated space. Room divider plantation shutters let you create this space – but can then be neatly folded away when required.

Shutter room dividers couldn’t be easier to use. Mounted on a track and suspended from the ceiling, the operation is extremely light – easy enough to do with just one hand.

Of course, though, they’re robust enough to stand up to life in a busy home when they’re locked in place.

divider shutters for rooms

When used as room dividers, shutters can break up your room or slide back completely on their track.

This makes shutters ideal for large or open-plan homes - adding versatility to your space without the need for building work.

  • Easy to operate
  • Close off sections of your room
  • Perfect for family homes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
plantation shutter room dividers

Make your home truly versatile with plantation shutters as room dividers

An open plan area is a fantastic way to create an airy, relaxed atmosphere in your home – but sometimes, large spaces will make you miss the practicality of separate rooms.

This is where room-dividing shutters are incredibly useful.

Room divider shutters give you the best of both worlds. Fully retracted – or with your shutters partly open – you can enjoy all the space your room offers, but as the day changes, your room can too.

If you need a quiet space to work, change, cook, or just put your feet up – interior shutters will effortlessly glide into place and give you the peace and privacy you need.

Interior dividing shutters also create separate rooms without a new wall.

Large bathrooms can then have a distinct shower, bath, or toilet spaces – or a dining area can become a work-from-home office during the day while still being suitable for family gatherings in the evening.

Your options are virtually endless – shutters can bring a host of flexible room options without sacrificing your open plan feel.

Interior plantation shutters are perfect for family life

Bi-fold shutters as room dividers are incredibly popular in a family home.

Young children playing can be a joy to listen to – but at the same time, if you’re busy (or just need five minutes’ rest!), separating yourself from any noise or commotion can be helpful.

Shutters offer just enough privacy without feeling like you’re clicking a door closed and unable to pay attention to kids or grandkids.

You’ll still be able to hear what’s going on elsewhere in your house – and if you like, you can angle your louvres to keep an eye on what’s happening too.

Shutter room dividers are a great way to create boundaries in a home, too – especially useful when you’ve got bubbling pans or kitchen utensils.

A closed shutter can mean an area is out of bounds for little ones – but with the slats open, you can have eyes in two areas at once!

bi-fold room divider

Trusted window shutter service

It’s not just about our impressive range of shutter styles and materials. It’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

Customers trust us all over the UK to provide a friendly, dependable service.

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Just the right amount of light and privacy

Like new shutters on larger windows, when you choose shutters as a room divider, you can control the amount of light and privacy in your room.

Today, many homes are open plan right across the ground floor – and of course, apartments and flats often maximise space by having living, dining, and kitchen areas in one space.

If your home is overlooked or has passing foot traffic, your entire living space is on show.

Interior plantation shutters do away with this problem.

If you decide you’d like to have a portion of your living space closed off – you can, and carefully angling your slats means that you take control of privacy too.

Shutters also mean that private spaces don’t have to be dark and dull – open your slats or slide your bi-fold shutters back and you’ll be bathed in sunlight again.

Room dividers: Ideas and inspiration

Your home is unique – so your room divider plans should work around your life and style. Some shutter styles crop up again, so it never hurts to hear what other people have done with their homes!

  • Creating a retractable divide between lounge and dining areas is a popular option – especially if you like to eat or entertain without distractions
  • Bi-fold shutters are often used in bedrooms – creating a dressing area for a little privacy as you get ready for your day
  • Shutters between conservatories and orangeries and your main home are popular – opening your living space up when the weather allows
  • Shutters can be used to close off a full section of a bedroom or dressing room for use as a wardrobe. Slide your doors back, and you’ve got easy access and walk-in space.
inspiration for room divider shutter ideas
room separator ideas

Shutters as room dividers are a cost-effective option

Making structural changes to your home is almost always going to be a costly exercise – and sometimes, the changes you want to make just won’t be possible.

Shutters are endlessly adaptable, though – and with no major structural considerations to think about at installation, you’ll get an outstanding finished result at a fraction of the price compared to building work.

Considering dividing a room or space with new walls or a permanent fixture, it’s worth talking to a specialist shutter company before you commit.

Our design team has helped tens of thousands of people across the UK transform their homes – and simply maintained shutters can last a lifetime too!

Custom colour options for your plantation shutter room divider

No two rooms are exactly the same, so we don’t want you to have to settle for shutters that don’t match your home perfectly.

When you explore the shutter panels we can provide as room dividers, you’ll notice a range of colour options.

As standard, you’ll be able to choose from a carefully curated range of colours and shades – from natural wood stains and neutral pale shades, right through to striking deep shades – like blacks, greys, and deep browns.

You’ll also notice many of our plantation shutters are available with a custom colour option – and this is where you’re spoiled for choice!

Since all our interior shutters are made-to-measure, you can pick a custom colour ideal for your home.

You might decide to pick up on a shade that’s in your floor covering or room colour scheme.

Then again, you might decide to pick an accenting colour that adds a contrast to your space.

Of course, our interior design team are here to help.

Whether you’ve got colour in mind and would like us to show you what’s possible – or you’ve got a particular shade you’ve already picked out, we’ll be able to help you envisage the stylish finished product!

Water-resistant room shutters/dividers

We’ve provided room divider bi-fold shutters for a huge range of rooms – from open-plan living spaces to bathrooms, kitchens, and even pool and hot tub rooms.

We’ve developed a beautiful water-resistant shutter range for high-moisture rooms like these.

Even under close inspection, most people struggle to tell the water-resistant ABS shutters in our Java range from our natural hardwood shutter styles.

We wanted to provide a product that had the beauty of wood with the moisture-resistant benefits of ABS.

Our Java shutters are perfect when used to divide rooms where steam might hang in the air.

From a working kitchen to an en-suite bathroom or even a poolside, we’ve got room divider shutters that combine beautiful interior design style with working practicality.

divider track

From precise measurements through to expert fitting

Shuttercraft customers expect the very best – and that’s what we provide, from our first measurement visit to tidying up after installation.

When we come to your home, we’ll explain how room divider shutters will work, how you’ll operate them, and the space they’ll need in your room.

We’ll take precise measurements the first time – so we can go away and put together detailed manufacturing plans.

Your shutters will be made to measure in state-of-the-art production facilities.

Everything – from the materials to the traditional construction processes – is carefully quality controlled, so you can be confident you’re getting flawless products.

When your shutters are ready, we’ll bring them to your home and fit them with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption.

When we’re done, we’ll make sure everything is tidied, all our packaging is removed, and you’ve had a full walkthrough of how your new room divider shutter panels work!

Don’t be tempted to cut corners – we guarantee precision, excellent service, and a fit that’s right the first time.

ten year warranty

Peace of mind with The Shuttercraft 10-Year Warranty

As room dividers, plantation shutters are usually made of high-quality hardwood – a tough, long-lasting, natural product that’ll stand the test of time in a busy home.

That said, we do understand that as a natural product, the sustainable hardwood we use to create our shutters will very occasionally develop a natural imperfection.

This is exactly why we created The Shuttercraft 10-Year Warranty.

If you run into any problems with the build quality, fitting or materials that make up your room dividers, we’ll do everything we can to put them right.

Plantation shutters make a big impact on your home – so we want you to have absolute peace of mind every time you see them!

Expert advice on which products will work in your home

Since shutters are often used as a window dressing, it can be a little tricky to find which products and styles are suitable for interior shutters or room dividers.

Don’t worry, though, if you’re trying to work out the differences between room divider shutter blinds and plantation shutters room dividers; we’re perfectly placed to help.

We’ve installed thousands of room dividers in a massive range of homes around the UK.

Our team is made up of design experts and fitting specialists – so when you talk to us, you can be confident we’ll be showing you the kind of shutters that’ll suit your requirements exactly!

Would you like more information on what’s possible with room divider shutters?

If you’re interested in hearing more about room divider shutters, why not get in touch with Shuttercraft?

When you do, you’ll benefit from our ‘no hard sell’ promise – so you can be absolutely certain there will be no pressure, no obligation, and no awkward questions about ordering or taking the next step.

Instead, we’ll walk you through everything there is to know about shutter room dividers – then leave you to decide whether they’re going to be right for your room transformation!

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