Take control of light and privacy with kitchen shutters

When you install shutters in your kitchen, you’re getting the perfect balance of privacy and light control.

Since kitchens generally have more fixtures and fittings than any other room in the house, even a slight reduction in the amount of light you let in can make even beautiful interiors feel cramped and dull.

With kitchen shutters that are made-to-measure for your window, you get rid of this problem completely.

The fuss-free operation of our shutters means a quick adjustment of the louvres will have the fresh air and sunlight flooding in!

Kitchen shutters don’t just look bright, clean and stylish though; they free up a bit more space compared to curtains, sitting neatly in your window recess.

What’s more, they add a level of privacy that’s very difficult to get with fabric window dressings – letting you angle the slats so even overlooked kitchens can feel private without shutting out the daylight.

water resistant kitchen shutters

Water-resistant plantation shutters are a practical option for a kitchen window

The kitchen environment can be a difficult one to create a beautiful interior design around.

Kitchens have to be practical – after all, there’s no other room in the house that’ll see quite as much chopping, frying, baking, spilling, unpacking, and general foot traffic.

This means your new shutters have to be up to the challenge – and that’s exactly what our Java range was designed for.

Made from waterproof acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (otherwise known as ABS) – the Java range is one of the best shutter styles for a kitchen because it combines a beautiful, timeless look with outstanding toughness.

Even at close proximity, it’s virtually impossible to tell that our made-to-measure Java shutter panels aren’t made from natural hardwood.

This means they’re the perfect look for a range of properties – from period cottages and Georgian townhouses right the way through to contemporary city-centre apartments and new builds.

kitchen window shutters

Kitchen shutters: Design ideas

At Shuttercraft, we’ve helped thousands of people find shutters that are the perfect match for their kitchen windows – so we’ve got an almost endless list of design ideas and shutter options that will suit any home.

Perhaps you’d like to match your kitchen window shutters with shutters on french doors that open your cooking and eating space out into your garden?

Or maybe you’d like to match the colour of your kitchen window shutters to your kitchen cupboards – so they blend in seamlessly with your decor?

Of course, you’ve also got a massive selection of shutter designs to choose from too.

Our full-height shutters are a stylish look that works in virtually any style of property – as do our half-height continental cafe-style shutters.

If you’d like a more traditional look for your kitchen, you might consider solid panels that shut the world out completely – then swing open to let the light flood in.

Then again, stacking two shutter tiers on top of each other gives even more privacy and light control and allows quick access to windows when you’re cooking, eating or entertaining.

Whether you’ve got a design in mind for your kitchen windows or you’re not sure where to start, we’re absolutely certain that our mix of interior design expertise and impressive range of styles will result in the perfect shutters for your kitchen!

Kitchen shutters custom colour service

As well as being available in 22 beautiful and diverse colours, kitchen shutters from Shuttercraft can be created to match any custom colour you wish.

This means you can pick any colour from your kitchen, and we’ll have your kitchen shutters painted or finished in the exact same shade.

Whether you want your shutters to blend in or pop with personality, we’re confident we’ll be able to provide exactly what you’re looking for!

Trusted window shutter service

It’s not just about our impressive range of shutter styles and materials… it’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

We’re trusted by customers all over the UK to provide a friendly dependable service.

Kitchen window shutters offer added kerb appeal

Kitchen shutters don’t just look beautiful from inside your home; they also look fantastic from outside too.

This adds enormous kerb appeal to your home, giving a clean, well-designed, and well-kept look – whether it’s passers-by that will see – or just friends and family from the garden!

Of course, shutters aren’t just reserved for your kitchen windows.

Our impressive range of shutter types are suitable for all the other windows in your home too, so you can extend that kerb appeals with shutters or blinds across all your different rooms.

kitchen shutters simple to clean
kitchen shutters give kerb appeal

Window shutters that are easy to clean and maintain

It can be extremely difficult to keep fabric curtains and blinds looking fresh in your kitchen – and a big part of the problem is how they absorb cooking smells.

With kitchen window plantation shutters, you can forget this kind of problem completely.

Since they’re waterproof, our ABS kitchen shutters don’t absorb smells.

Of course, we can’t stop steam or cooking fat from hanging in the air – but if anything comes to rest on your kitchen shutters, it’ll be gone again after a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

Explore our range of different shutter styles

Not sure which style will be right for you? Why not explore the different shutters we have available?

Our kitchen plantation shutters come with a 10-year warranty

shuttercraft 10 year warranty

It’s very rare for any of our waterproof shutters to have any problems you might associate with the natural wood used to make wooden shutters – but that doesn’t mean you miss out on our industry-leading warranty.

The Shuttercraft 10 Year Warranty gives you peace of mind if you have any problems with your kitchen shutters.

If you have an issue relating to build quality, fitting or any of the materials used, we’ll do everything we can to put them right.

It’s this commitment to great service that results in so many of our happy customers suggesting Shuttercraft to friends and families.

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Would you like to hear more about kitchen shutters?

Would you like to hear more about what’s possible with kitchen shutters?

Perhaps you’d like more information about a particular gorgeous shutter style you think would work in your room?

We’re always delighted to arrange a home visit – so you can take a look at what’s possible and discuss design options with a shutter expert.

When you get in touch with our friendly team, we promise you’ll get to have a conversation that’s free from any pressure or obligation.

We’re not salespeople – we’re shutter experts that are here to answer your questions, share bright ideas about kitchen designs, and help you decide whether or not shutters will be right for your kitchen windows!

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