Bathroom shutters beautifully balance sunlight and privacy

Privacy is important in your bathroom. Stylish made-to-measure waterproof bathroom shutters give you absolute privacy – with unrivalled control of the natural daylight.

Whether you like a quick shower or a long luxurious bath, privacy is absolutely essential when you’re in your bathroom. Shutters close the outside world out – without compromising on natural light.

If you’re looking for waterproof bathroom window coverings, we’ve got a shutter style that will match your style and décor perfectly.

Water-resistant bathroom window shutters

Bathroom shutters generally need to be made a little differently than plantation shutters that are meant for bedrooms, living rooms, or conservatories.

Like kitchens, bathrooms tend to create a damp, humid environment – so any good DIY shutter specialist or shutter installation company will always recommend water-resistant shutters.

Waterproof shutters – like our Java range – are made from a rugged high-grade ABS.

ABS is a robust plastic shutter material that isn’t affected by moisture – and the good news is that it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference between our bathroom shutters and the rest of our stunning hardwood shutters.

Of course, we also make sure we use stainless steel accessories and fittings on all bathroom shutter installation visits.

This way, you can be confident that even the fine details will look great and work perfectly for years to come.

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Bathroom shutters offer unrivalled privacy

It doesn’t matter whether you’re brushing your teeth or hopping in a quick morning shower; you don’t want neighbours or passers-by to be able to see into your bathroom windows.

The trouble is, finding a bathroom window dressing that’s effective, stylish and water-resistant can be hard work.

Bathroom shutters do away with this hard work. When you choose shutter panels, you can close the slats completely – closing off all visibility from outside.

Of course, we realise that you don’t want to brush your teeth in the dark – so our bathroom shutter louvres can be quickly adjusted to make sure sunlight still floods in. 

Of course, we also make sure we use stainless steel accessories and fittings on all bathroom shutter installation visits.

Balancing privacy and light control is only part of the story with plantation shutters though – they’re a stunning addition to any space and can really transform an average room into a striking, breathtaking space that you can be proud of.

Our bathroom shutters are quick and easy to clean

We know that bathrooms tend to get wiped down more than most other rooms – so you’ll be pleased to hear that shutters won’t add more than an extra minute to your cleaning routine! A quick wipe from a damp cloth and your shutters are back to looking their best.

Made-to-measure shutters for your bathroom

At Shuttercraft, we don’t do off-the-shelf bathroom shutters. Instead, we measure your windows before carefully planning and manufacturing shutters that are an absolutely perfect fit.

We have a massive range to choose from too – so whatever kind of window shape or window recess you’ve got in your bathroom, we’ll have a shutter style that will complement it beautifully.

We even have an incredible range of colours to choose from – starting with cool neutral whites, creams, and beige tones, right the way through to striking darker colours like clay and stone grey.

Custom colour service

Our Java range of bathroom shutters is available in 22 stylish shades – but if there’s a custom colour you’d like, we can make it happen.

Since the window shutters we provide for bathrooms are made to order, we can have them finished to your exact requirements.

Is there a particular colour you’d like to accent your space with? No problem.

Would you like your bathroom shutters to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding bathroom interior colours? Again, no problem. 

When you get in touch with our shutter experts, we’re always more than happy to discuss different finish options and show you some of the custom colours we’ve provided for existing customers.

From full-height shutters to chic Parisian cafe-style shutters

There are no two bathroom windows that are exactly the same – so we don’t expect you to settle for plantation shutters that aren’t exactly right for your space. 

We have the very best range of shutter materials you’ll find anywhere in the UK – from full-height shutters that cover even the largest Georgian-style floor-to-ceiling bathroom windows, right through to special shape shutters that’ll work perfectly in even the smallest en-suite bathroom portholes or skylights.

If you’d like to shut the light out completely, solid panel shutters give a traditional look that works beautifully in period properties like cottages and Victorian terraces.

Then again, if you’d like privacy with no compromise on light, you might decide that half-height cafe style shutters would be the perfect addition to your room.

A big part of why we have such an excellent reputation for customer service is the design consultation process that we offer our customers.

Of course, it’s no problem if you already know what you’d like from bathroom shutters – but if you’d like some further ideas and inspiration, we’re always happy to help.

Shutters throughout your bathroom

Bathrooms often have cupboards or storage areas that are perfect for toiletries, towels, and even things like cleaning products you might not want on display.

Shutters aren’t reserved exclusively for windows – in fact, many of our customers choose to continue the shutter look on these bathroom cupboards and cubby-holes.

Why not talk to one of our shutter experts about how you can use our versatile shutters throughout your bathroom?

From windows and skylights to cupboards and room dividers – we might be able to think of a stylish option you hadn’t considered!

Waterproof shutters backed by a 10-year warranty

It’s extremely rare for any of our waterproof shutters to have any problems you might associate with the natural materials used to make hardwood shutters – but, nonetheless, they still benefit from The Shuttercraft 10 Year Warranty.

shuttercraft 10 year warranty

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