Blackout Shutters: Complete Light Control for Your Home

Blackout shutters are a beautiful, seamless blend of classic plantation shutters and a room darkening honeycomb blind. Together, this combination creates a virtually pitch-black space, perfect for sleep, all year round. The Shutter and Shade option offers exceptional light control for both winter and summer months.

Beyond just darkness, these shutters and blinds enhance your homes insulation, providing energy efficiency throughout the year. Plus, they ensure privacy when you need it.

Why Blackout Shutters?

Room darkening shutters, or ‘blackout shutters’ are a great choice for rooms where you need a darker environment, such as nurseries or cinema rooms.

Blackout plantation shutters are easy to use, with a seamless sliding blind and classic plantation shutters, you can choose to block out light, or allow light in.

In almost any room, this combination not only allow for completely customisable light control, but they also enhance privacy for homes overlooking high traffic areas.

Did you know? Shutter and Shade provides double the insulation year-round. This dual-layered design creates a resistant barrier between your home and the outside elements, helping to retain heat during the winter, and reflecting harsh sunlight in the summer.

Our Ranges

Shutter and Shade, also known as ‘blackout shutters’, offers a wide range of combinations and customisations to suit virtually any aesthetic.

With a varied selection of louvre sizes and additional extras, such as our custom colour option, or sleek silent tilt, you can rest assured knowing your Shutters and Shade are suited to your lifestyle.  

Our Parma honeycomb blinds, integrated into the Shutter and Shade system, come in a variety of beautiful and stylish colours. From classic greys and whites to vibrant greens or blues, we have a solution to complement any style and space.

Installation Process

We know it can be daunting when it comes to DIY in the home, especially with complex measurements. That’s why our experienced teams are on hand to take care of the technicalities.

All you need to do is decide how you want your final room darkening shutters with shade to look and function. Our teams take great care in providing you with the best information, to help you make the best decision for your home.

Our highly rated design service and professional installation ensure a seamless fit, leaving you confident with the final product for many years.

Why Choose Shuttercraft?

Our premium, made-to-measure S:CRAFT shutters are always crafted to the highest quality, ensuring you love how they look in your home. We take pride in every detail, from the selection of materials to the final installation, guaranteeing that our shutters not only look beautiful, but function to suit your lifestyle.

With thousands of glowing five-star reviews, our reputation speaks for itself. Homeowners across the UK trust our local experts to transform their living spaces with our beautiful and functional room darkening, or ‘blackout shutters’.

Experience the difference that our expertly crafted shutters can make in your home, and join the many satisfied customers who have chosen Shuttercraft for their window treatment needs.

Customer Testimonials

With top-rated design service and product quality, it’s clear that customers across the UK rely on us to add the finishing touches to their dream home. We are dedicated to ensuring you love each step of your journey with us, so why not get in touch today?

“On discussing the bedrooms Jim had mentioned the option of a blackout blind behind the shutters. As I had shutters before, I knew they weren’t blackout, therefore decided to go with this option. Well, what can I say? After my first night, slept great and didn’t wake until 8:30 this morning which is a miracle for me! Thanks so much Jim, I love them and will now be placing an order for the living room. Jim also brought a hoover with him and cleared everything up. Thank you once again! Highly recommend Jim and the shutters with blackout blind, amazing!”


Classic plantation shutters alone block out most natural light, creating a much darker effect, however they are made with natural materials so you may experience some light bleeding with shutters alone. To create a more blackout room darkening effect, pairing shutters with a honeycomb blind or thick curtains can minimise the light bleed.

Creating a blackout effect on your windows can be tricky – so layering window coverings is a great solution to ensure natural light doesn’t disturb your sleep. Pairing functional honeycomb blinds with classic window shutters not only creates a room darkening effect, but they also enhance insulation and privacy, while looking beautiful.

Creating a pitch black atmosphere in bedrooms and nurseries is important for good sleep. Shutters alone may not block all natural light, so choosing a room darkening option, like Shutter and Shade, can ensure your space is as dark as possible. If that’s not your style, why not pair your shutters with Roman blinds, or classic drapes.

Shutters are effective at blocking out most light, however some blinds are crafted specifically to create a blackout room darkening effect, such as Honeycomb blinds – they are integrated within a frame attached to your window to reduce light bleed. If you’re looking to create a better blackout effect, installing a blind to block the entire window will aid the shutters in creating a darker environment.

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