Shutters are a permanent window fixture and covering, typically involving a frame of upright stiles and horizontal rails.

There are two main panel configurations available: solid panels or louvre panels being the most popular.

Shutters for windows are an elegant, cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to common window treatments like drapes.

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What is the difference between a solid panel and louvre panel shutters?

Solid panel window shutters are completely solid with no louvres, typically found in period and listed properties.

Whereas shutters with louvre panels will have a carefully calculated number of louvres installed to the panel that work in sync to control the light.

Louvres are usually available in several sizes, with smaller louvres letting in less light than larger ones.

Why were shutters invented?

As the Building Conservation mention, plantation shutters were utilised to control light, while also helping a property retain its desired temperature.

The term “plantation” refers to shutters in the United States when shutters were brought to America after the Spanish colonised the south.

Such wooden style shutters were popular on the mansions of cotton and sugar plantations, hence the name plantation shutters.

How do shutters work?

Shutters can keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer because of their operable and movable slats, or louvres, to help control light.

The British Blind and Shutter Association have produced a video exploring how this ease of movement helps your house retain heat, keeping you warm in the winter, but also how they can be used to help you can stay cool in the summer.

How to operate shutters in the warm months

To keep a room cool in the warmer months, keep the shutters closed while the sun shines directly on the window.

When the sun eases or moves, open or slightly tilt open the louvres.

  • Keep the shutters closed to avoid the hot sun
  • Open the louvres when the sun eases off
  • Adjust to your preference at night
  • Repeat daily to keep your home cool

How to operate shutters in the colder months

Shutters can benefit your home by helping it retain heat in the colder months.

To help it do this, you should:

  • Open the shutters at first light
  • Close the shutters when the sun drops to help insulate the room
  • Repeat this daily to save on energy bills

Where can shutters go?

Each option will allow you to control the light and temperature within the specific room.

It will also control privacy levels within the home.

You can fit them to:

  • Any window
  • Doors to make French doors
  • Track systems to create space or partitions

As shutters are highly versatile, they are not limited to the above three options.

Skylights are one such area shutters can also be fitted.

Where are shutters best placed?

South-facing rooms get the most light, explains the BBC.

Rooms that suffer from excessive natural light, or have limited privacy, will benefit from shutters.

The most popular rooms for shutters include:

  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms/wet rooms
  • Living rooms
  • Conservatories

Why use shutters?

Shutters have many core benefits, and the experts at Everyday Health explain the benefits of shutters.

The benefits of shutters include:

  • Help with savings on energy bills
  • Increase kerb appeal
  • Look better than curtains
  • Are easy to clean and maintain
  • Are permanently fitted

Which windows need shutters?

Shutters can suit all windows, but most homeowners will have shutters installed at the front of their homes before finishing off the rest of the house at a later date.

On the other hand, troublesome windows should be targeted early on.

Why choose shutters?

Shutters have been a popular choice for many homeowners throughout history.

There are numerous benefits to shutters such as a reduction in energy bills, but you should also choose shutters because they:

  • Look amazing
  • Add privacy
  • Offer extra security
  • Improve light control

What to look for when buying shutters

Find a local shutter expert who can advise you on the product that best suits your home or property, and who can offer you a premium quality product that will last a lifetime.

All shutters should be properly fitted and completed with a high-quality finish so that they are perfect for your home.

When looking to buy shutters, look for:

  • A great selection of quality products
  • A national and trusted brand
  • A comprehensive survey and advice
  • Products that are built to last
  • A trustworthy company that does not use pushy salesmen
  • Shutters fitted by an expert

Final thoughts

Do you want to reduce your energy bills?

Or perhaps you want to update your home’s décor?

Whatever the reason, we pride ourselves in helping homeowners finding the perfect window shutters for their homes.

Our dedicated team of specialists will help transform your house to your tastes and budget, with our experts at hand to fit your shutters perfectly.

All shutters are fitted by the local expert who carried out the survey so that you have a professional at hand whenever a situation calls for one.

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