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The broad reach of Shuttercraft’s network covers right here in Grantham, making it closer to home than you think.  Throughout Lincolnshire you’re just a phone-call away from a shutter expert who’ll help you realise your interior design vision. 

We work alongside you so that you can discover the right interior window shutters for your home. We have a range of samples which you can see at a free home appointment, benefit from our expert advice and receive a detailed technical survey for a competitive quote.  

Shuttercraft Lincoln offers a local service in and around the area including Lincoln, Boston, Sleaford, Retford and Carlton on Trent.

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Whatever the shape or size of your windows and openings, you can rest assured there will be a range of shutters to suit your interior.

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It’s not just about our impressive range of shutter styles and materials… it’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

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Nestled in the South Kesteven district of Lincolnshire, Grantham is known as the birthplace of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, for providing the school for Isaac Newton at the King’s School, and for making the UK’s first running diesel engine in 1892 and tractor in 1896. 

Each shutter is made-to-measure, individually crafted for the unique shape and size of your home. Beautiful bays and arched windows can provide something of a challenge for other window coverings, yet shutters provide the perfect solution, and are available in a range of materials. The ability to fit almost any shape is just one of the benefits, including ultimate light control, insulation and privacy.    

Premium quality hardwood shutters are already gaining popularity among Grantham property owners, with entry level MDF and waterproof ABS as increasingly favoured alternatives. 

All of the solutions we supply at Shuttercraft are available in a range of different colours, with some beautiful stains for our wooden shutters and blinds. There are styles and sizes to suit every taste, so why not get in touch today. 

About Grantham 

The origin of the name “Grantham” is uncertain, although it is probably a derivation of Old English “Granta ham”, meaning the “homestead of Granta”. Appearing in the 1086 Domesday Book in its present form of Grantham, over the years the town has also been referred to as Grandham, Granham and even Graham. 

Grantham is as the birthplace of gingerbread biscuits, which were first made in 1740 by William Eggleston. He was a local baker who produced a type of biscuit locally named Grantham Whetstones. These were a rusk-like dry biscuit enjoyed by coach drivers who would stop to change horses while travelling the Great North Road. According to lore, he was baking in his dimly lit kitchen one morning when he confused ingredients, resulting in a ginger-y biscuit from the oven. The mistake was a huge success and became known as a gingerbread. 

The town was also the second place after London to recruit and train women police officers. It was the first provincial force to ask the newly formed Corps of Women’s Police Volunteers to supply them with occasional policewomen, recognising them as useful for dealing with women and juveniles. In 1915, Grantham magistrates swore in Edith Smith, making her the first policewoman in Britain with full powers of arrest. 

Whether you live in Grantham itself or in surround places such as Woolsthorpe or Ingoldsby, you can rest assured there is a shutter just for you. Get in touch with your local Shuttercraft today and we will help you find just the right one. 

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