Modern shutters add stunning clean lines and outstanding natural light control to any contemporary property.

Whether your home is a new-build house, a recent refurbishment, or an ultra-modern apartment, our made-to-measure shutters can be created to complement your style perfectly.

Here, we’ll explore modern interior shutters in more detail – looking at some of the latest features we can include, along with the colours and options that our design team recommend for contemporary homes.

Are shutters traditional or modern?

Shutters are timeless and versatile window treatments that look perfect in modern homes.

The beauty of custom wooden shutters is how adaptable they are.

In traditional homes, shutters can be created to reflect their period surroundings – but in contemporary homes, they can be clean and simple, boasting sharp lines, large louvres, and bold colours.

Some modern shutter installation ideas

Take a look at how modern wooden shutters could work throughout your home:

  • Living and dining space: Full-height shutters with a large louvre size and silent tilt rods will be an eye-catching feature whether you’re entertaining or relaxing.
  • Room dividers: Large rooms can be broken up with large sliding shutters to create dedicated spaces for home offices, play areas, or cooking and eating.
  • Picture windows: Modern shutters add privacy to large picture windows without compromising on light.
  • Bedrooms and home cinemas: If you’d like to completely shut out the light without the need for heavy curtains, a shutter and shade combination is the perfect choice.

Are shutters contemporary?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wooden shutters.

Even two installations from the same shutter range can look completely different depending on the options and colour you choose.

If you’re looking for a design that will work in a modern home, we recommend thinking about colours that add to your existing interior design look.

You might choose a neutral colour that means your shutters blend into the walls for a relaxing, uncomplicated look.

Then again, you might opt for a contrasting colour – perhaps a black or a grey that makes your wooden shutters a bold feature that pops.

With our custom colour option, you can even pick a tone out of your existing home design palette and have us create your shutters that will be a perfect match!

Are plantation shutters still in style?

There’s no doubt about it; plantation shutters are definitely still a stylish and popular addition to modern UK homes.

Any interior design specialist will explain the importance of light in a modern property.

Old cottages might look great with just the glow of a roaring fire – but modern homes need plenty of natural sunlight to accentuate the clean lines and airy open spaces.

This is where shutters are ideal. With a quick adjustment of the slats in your shutters, you can find an angle that lets the light flood in while maintaining absolute privacy.

Do modern homes have shutters?

Quite simply, yes – lots of contemporary homes have shutters. A big part of the reason contemporary shutters are so popular is the space they free up in your property.

Shutters have no footprint on your floor space. This means no curtains or blinds taking up living space or spoiling your clean lines.

At first glance, you may think that the space a window dressing takes up is minimal – but if they hang to the floor, they can close off large sections of wall space, limiting possible room layouts.

Modern shutters will usually sit neatly in your window recess, leaving your floor space totally free for furniture and an uncluttered look.

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Are window shutters modern?

By now, you can probably appreciate the splash of style that contemporary shutters can add to a property – but shutters are also the right window treatments for a low-maintenance modern home too.

There’s no way around it – fabric window dressings attract and capture dust, pollen, and other allergens.

This means a dusty atmosphere when they’re moved – and usually, specialist dry-cleaning when they need to be washed.

Shutters are the exact opposite – no trapped dust, no allergens, and a quick wipe with a damp cloth keeps them looking fantastic.

This makes plantation shutters the ideal solution for homeowners with a modern property that’s easy to keep spotless.

Modernising a property

It’s perfectly possible to use shutters as a starting point for modernising an otherwise dated property. While some period features can be timeless – others can simply look tired.

Shutters can reinvigorate a property and add huge amounts of kerb appeal.

Perhaps you’d like to add shaped shutters to cottage windows, a conservatory, or an arched window? Then again, perhaps the skylights in a loft conversion could do with being brought up to date?

Shutters will help bring a uniform look to a property and are a standout feature for passers-by.

If you’d like your home to look the most modern and well-presented on the street, shutters are a perfect choice.

Benefits of modern shutters

Contemporary shutters don’t just look great; they bring a host of benefits to your home:

  • Increased privacy with no compromise on light
  • Hardwood reflects the head – meaning savings on energy bills
  • Ultimate light control with a quick adjustment of louvres
  • Open up space otherwise taken up by curtains or blinds
  • Automation options mean you can open or close shutters with a button push
  • Shutters add a layer of perceived security to passers-by

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