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Made-to-measure plantation shutters

Stylish, affordable, versatile.

With undeniable style and practicality, there’s a perfect shutter for every home. Not only do plantation shutters transform your surroundings with a clean and classic look, they bring a wide range of benefits – giving you better light control, increased privacy, all while insulating your home.

We exclusively fit S:CRAFT shutters, the very best the market has to offer. With seven different materials to choose from, there’s a choice of stylish options to fit every room and budget.

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Shutters offer more than you think…

There are many benefits to plantation shutters. They are far more stylish, hygienic
and flexible compared to curtains and fabric blinds.

affordable shutters

More versatile than curtains or fabrics blinds

Use your made-to-measure shutters to:

  • Let your preferred amount of light shine through.

  • Divide rooms quickly, easily with style.

  • Adjust shutters so others can’t see in, but you can see out.

  • Increase privacy to your bathroom or any room.

  • Complement your home with a wide range of colours and materials.

  • Cover awkward curved/angle windows that alternatives struggle to achieve.

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The many benefits of plantation shutters:

  • Improved insulation: shutters can reduce heat loss through your windows by as much as 50%, saving you money on your heating bill.

  • Can be cleaned quickly and easily in minutes, unlike curtains or fabric blinds.

  • Shutters add another layer of privacy when the louvres are closed.

  • Increased “Kurb appeal” and resale value for your home. Shutters catch the eye, showing others that you take great pride in your home

Seven materials to choose from

From MDF and hardwood through to water resistant ABS, we’ll help you choose the best shutter material to complement your surroundings.

  • Samoa

    Samoa is our top-of-the-range product. Incorporating an optional hidden hinge, they are a robust yet elegant choice for almost any shape and size of window.

    Key Features:
    • Responsibly sourced hardwood in line with European Timber Regulations (EUTR)
    • Optional hidden hinge available
    • Choice of 23 paint colours and 27 stain options
    • Five louvre sizes: 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm
    • Special shapes available
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  • Portchester

    Crafted from powder-coated aluminium, our Portchester shutters are designed to increase your home security, while maintaining the elegant beauty of our other shutter ranges.

    Key Features
    • Architectural grade aluminium
    • Indoor and Outdoor solution
    • CE Certified
    • 3 colour choices, plus custom colour option
    • Silent tilt – no visible tilt bar
    • Patented Italian locking system
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  • Cuba

    These entry-level hardwood shutters are made with a MDF frame and real hardwood shutter panels.

    Key Features
    • Real Hardwood Panels
    • Choice of 23 Colours plus custom colour option
    • Available in 4 Louvre Sizes ranging from 47mm to 89mm
    • Suitable for Larger Windows and Spaces
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  • Fiji

    Made from a stable timber, our Fiji shutters are ideal for all shutter styles, including curved and uniquely shaped windows due to unique properties and qualities of the woods used.

    Key Features
    • Ideal if you like natural textures
    • Choice of 23 paint colours and 27 stain colours, as well as custom paint option
    • Available in 7 louvres sizes ranging from 32mm to 114 mm
    • Sustainable hardwood
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  • Bermuda

    Bermuda is a painted MDF with ABS louvres, delivering a more natural finish when compared with the standard Antigua range. The finish resembles a hardwood shutter.

    Key Features
    • Choice of 22 colours available, plus custom colour option, and 9 optional hinge colours.
    • Available in 5 Louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
    • 5 style options available.
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  • Java

    Java shutters are made from high-grade ABS, a hard and lightweight plastic. An ideal material for rooms that have condensation issues or the chance of exposure to water.

    Key Features
    • Water resistant shutter best suited for Kitchens and Bathrooms
    • Choice of 22 stylish shades, plus custom colour option
    • Available in 5 Louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm.
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  • Antigua

    The Antigua range is an entry-level product made from MDF with an extruded polypropylene coating. This option is available in most of our popular styles, configurations and colour options.

    Key Features
    • Choice of 9 popular shades
    • Available in 5 Louvre sizes ranging from 47mm to 114mm
    • Not suitable for large installations or special shapes.
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See shutters in a new light

Give your home an instant upgrade (in more ways than one!)

  • Increased privacy

  • Better insulation

  • Add resale value to your home

  • Save money on heating bills

  • Versatile style options

  • Quick and easy to clean

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