About Sarah Rolph

Sarah Rolph is a highly accomplished and innovative professional, prospering in her role as a Product Manager. Her notable skills encompass a natural flair for strategic thinking, an unwavering attention to detail, and a steadfast commitment to quality and practicality.

Sarah is dedicated to delivering products of the highest quality while upholding a commitment to sustainability. She ensures that our products are responsibly sourced and has plays a key role in continuously developing and implementing a Sustainability Strategy. Working closely with manufacturing partners, she integrates CSR reports into our marketing initiatives and continues to work on establishing clear goals for social impact.

Outside of her professional role, Sarah demonstrates a keen interest in home improvement. Recently becoming a homeowner, herself, she wholeheartedly embraces the opportunity to enhance her living space. Her home serves not only as a personal sanctuary but also as a photography and film studio, where she creates content to showcase our products.
During her leisure hours, Sarah finds pleasure in hitting the gym, taking her dog for walks, and unwinding with a drink at the local pub. She embodies a diligent work ethic, placing a high value on organisation and reliability. When entrusted with a task, Sarah is dedicated to seeing it through to completion.

Her personality is characterised by a lively and friendly demeanour. Sarah enjoys sharing laughs and jokes with colleagues and friends, thriving in a positive and enjoyable atmosphere. As a creative and driven individual, she is not only approachable but also highly personable.