Colchester was one of the first Colonia in Britain founded by the Romans. Colchester also lays claims to be known as one of the oldest recorded towns. Colchester is a historic market town and is one of the largest settlement within the borough of Colchester in the county of Essex.

Placed on the River Colne, Colchester is 50 miles northeast of London and is connected to the capital by the A12 Road and its railway station which is on the Great Eastern Main Line. It is known to be a popular town for commuters and is 30 miles away from London Stanstead Airport. Colchester has some popular tourist destinations such as the Colchester Castle and Colchester United Football Club.

The name Colchester is said to have derived from the Latin words Colonia and Castral, which refer to the town’s walls, the oldest in Britain. The name Colchester has evolved from Colenceaster and Colneceastre from the 10th century, with the new spelling of Colchester originating back to the 15th century.

While Colchester is known to Britain’s oldest recorded town, the town is also a record holder in many other ways. Impressively, Colchester is home to Britain’s largest surviving Roman Gateway and Europe’s largest surviving Norman keep.

Colchester Town Hall is a prestigious building set in a popular town centre location, it is a beautiful building rich with history and is the third town hall to have been built on this site. The first ever town hall recorded was the Moot Hall, which was built around the 1160 and was said to have remained there for over 700 years.

One of the main landmarks is Colchester Castle, it was built in the 11th century, and built on top of the vaults of the old Roman Temple. There are many noteworthy medieval ruins in Colchester some of them include St John’s Abbey , St Botolph’s Priory, as well as a settlement in the Dutch Quarter, this is in addition to the town centre in general.

Colchester is best known as a Roman City, and its history can be traced back well beyond this time, with an Iron Age settlement in the area ruled by Cuneobelin, known as ‘King of the Britons’. This settlement was therefore established in Colchester long before the Romans arrived. Apart from a few landmarks and earthen mounds little to nothing from this period has survived in the landscape

The area surrounding Colchester offers various things to do and fatalistic places to explore. The town centre has numerous museums and galleries located between the heritage sites and historic buildings. A great environment and shopping centre experience may persuade you to prolong your visit in Colchester. Colchester Zoo is one of the top tourist destinations in the Country and is a good example of the natural beauty scenic walks and cycling routes throughout the local area.