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Energy-efficient window shutters are one of the best solutions for you today.

With a one-off investment, you can start to combat escalating utility bills head-on. Start saving money on your home energy costs by installing Shuttercraft shutters for your windows.

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It has been shown that around 25-30% of the energy used to heat homes is disappearing through the window and window frames.

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    save on energy bills

    Using less fuel

    Household energy bills are increasing.

    With wholesale gas prices rising, exacerbated by the Ukraine crisis, energy analysts expect to see prices steadily increase – even towards the end of 2022.

    Not only will a more energy-efficient property save you money in the short term, but measures you take to save energy now will also continue to keep money in your pocket.

    Shutters also add an extra layer of insulation. Our shutters are ‘thermally dynamic’ – which means they reflect heat.

    The result? The warmth generated by your home is locked in on cold winter days – and when the sun is shining, you can decide whether you want to open the slats and enjoy the heat or adjust your shutters to keep your room cool and comfortable.

    Why is energy efficiency important?

    ‘Energy efficiency is rarely far from the headlines. While changes that we can make as individuals might not feel like we will change the bigger picture when it comes to the world’s changing climate, there are some quick and immediate benefits every one of us can feel if we make energy-efficient decisions in our homes.

    How to use shutters to save money on your energy bills?

    Say no more. Shuttercraft is proud to provide customers with made-to-measure shutters that help keep the heat in and the cold out!

    • Tilt your louvres fully open through daylight, making the most of natural solar heat pouring through your window.
    • When the temperature drops, close all louvres in the evening, rewarding you with an extra insulating layer.
    • Reduce Your Energy Bills
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Add Kerb Appeal & Value
    • Perfect Privacy
    • Expert Fitting Service Included
    • Free No-obligation Survey

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    using less fuel

    Reducing household fuel costs

    The more energy-efficient your home is, the less money you’ll spend on gas and electricity.

    Everyone’s homes are a little different, but In March 2022, the wholesale market continued to experience increased volatility. The fixed-tax-price price not covered by the default tariff cap has increased accordingly, exceeding £3,000.

    Even a slight improvement in energy efficiency could keep a chunk of that money in your pocket.

    • Unbeatable Light Control
    • Added Insulation
    • Sustainable Materials
    • Premium Shutters
    • Insulating and Economical
    • High-Quality Craftsmanship

    The environment

    There’s no doubt that governments and industries need to take the lead in combating climate change – but what can you do as an individual?

    If everyone in the UK took a more energy-saving strategy with how they fuel their homes, energy companies would have no option but to listen.

    The world might have a lot to do, but being a bit more energy efficient is a small – but important – step in the right direction.

    privacy with shutters

    What makes a window shutter energy efficient?

    As you can no doubt imagine, not every window treatment offers the same level of energy efficiency.

    It’s all about the ‘thermal performance’ of your chosen material.

    Thermal performance is a term used in the building and interiors industry to describe how efficiently something restricts or prevents the passage of heat.

    When you’ve warmed your home, window shutters will reflect that warm air into your space, rather than letting it escape into cold weather outside.

    Trusted service

    It’s not just about our impressive range of styles and materials… it’s as much about how we take care of you, from the first contact to the finished result.

    Customers trust us all over the UK to provide a friendly, dependable service.

    energy efficient windows

    Three things you can do to boost energy efficiency and make energy savings

    1. Seal any window gaps
    2. Use compression strips
    3. Fit Shuttercraft window shutters

    10-year peace of mind warranty

    We want you to have absolute peace of mind every time you look at your shutters. This is why we created the Shuttercraft 10-Year Warranty.

    The shutters we supply and fit are premium natural hardwood – a robust, hard-wearing material that will stand up to life in the busiest family home.

    If there’s a problem with how your shutters work or any of the materials they’re made from, we’ll do everything to put it right.

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    expertly fitted

    Expert fitting

    Measuring shutters isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem – but it’s essential to make sure they open and operate as intended.

    Every Shuttercraft journey starts with a free expert measuring visit – so you can be confident the finished product will work perfectly.

    Our professional fitting team will install your shutters on a day that suits you, ensuring they fit and operate perfectly.

    We promise minimum disruption and fuss – we’ll even tidy up and remove any rubbish after showing you how your new shutters work. 

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